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Online conference hosted by Music Ally Japan “Exploring the Future of Music Distribution for Asian Music – Supported by The Orchard Japan -” | Press Release from Music Ally Japan

Now that global distribution of music has become the norm, it can be said that the potential of the Asian music market and Asian artists is unprecedentedly high. In the midst of the corona crisis, even in the Japanese music industry, where digitalization is advancing, expansion to Asia, which is experiencing significant growth, is being discussed, and artists and labels are paying close attention to Asia.
However, superficial digitization, content creation and simple music distribution will not bring about change or success. In the rapidly changing Asian market, new ideas and strategies are needed to change the rules of the game.

In this online meeting held at Music Ally Japan, we will discuss the Japanese music business and the secrets of Japanese artists to distribute to the world and grow in Asia under the theme of “Music Distribution x Asian Music Market”.
This conference will support artists of various genres and introduce K-POP and Asian artists to the world in cooperation with the global music distribution specialist “The Orchard Japan”. Brand managers who have scaled up and are keen on new initiatives will be invited as guests to discuss strategies in the Asia region and distributor utilization in the era of global distribution.

(date and time)
Two days, February 28 (Monday) and March 1 (Tuesday), 2022
17:00-18:30 (scheduled)

Online (Zoom Delivery)

【Participation fee and participation method】
Claim Free Registration (2 Days) Tickets from Peatix

(About archiving)
For registrants, it will be released exclusively on Music Ally Japan’s YouTube after the event.

(Sponsorship and Operation)
Japan Music Federation

Japanese orchard

【Day 1】February 28, 2022 (Month)

Topic: Designing an artist-first music strategy from a music publisher

Section 1: Distributor Industry Map and Roles Update
Jay Kougami (Music Ally Japan)

Session 2: Artist Support – The Evolution of Insights
Takafumi Okamura (Account Manager, Orchard Japan)
Jay Kougami (Music Ally Japan)

Panel Discussion: Artist/Label Case Studies
Speakers: Takafumi Sugawara (LD&K Music Producer), Takafumi Okamura (Account Manager, The Orchard Japan)
Host: Jay Kogami (Music Ally Japan)

【Day 2】March 1, 2022 (fire)
Topic: Asian Strategies for Artists, Learning from the Experts

Session 1: How to build relationships with Chinese audiences and entertainment consumers
Ian Yung (Orchard Greater China Director)

Session 2: Focus on Trans-Southeast Asia Strategy – Where Should Asia Go?
Priyanka Dewan (The Orchard Vice President of International Marketing Asia Pacific / General Manager of Southeast Asia and Korea)

Panel Discussion: Discussing Asian Strategies
Speakers: Yuji Yamashita (President of KSR Inc./President of Rights Skates Inc./Co-Representative Director of Japan Indie Music Federation), Yuki Kaneko (Vice President of Orchard Japan)
Host: Jay Kogami (Music Ally Japan)

*Conference content and speakers are subject to change without notice.

  • Speaker Profile

ofTakafumi Sugawara (Director, LD&K Co., Ltd.)

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Joined Teiju Co., Ltd. (now Teiju Entertainment Co., Ltd.) in 1995. Responsible for music publishing from the accounting department.
Joined LD&K Co., Ltd. in 1999. Produced many artists such as Kariyushi 58, Uchikubi Gokumon Club, Nisshoku Natsuko, etc. In 2016, the live house circuit festival TOKYO CALLING started. In 2021, he will launch a new label STAY FREE!!!!!!!!!, and get involved in a wide range of activities from label operation to artist management and live production.

Takafumi Okamura (Account Manager, Orchard Japan)

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Joined The Orchard Japan in April 2019 after experiencing CD store sales and CD promotions at Sony Music Entertainment.

Yuki Kaneko (Vice President, Japan Orchard)

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Vice President of The Orchard Japan Office. In his previous jobs, he worked for 10 years as Purchasing Manager at Tower Records and Information Systems Division Manager at the Corporate Planning Office before moving to Amazon Japan. For 11 years, he worked in the Digital Music Division as CD Buying Manager and Senior Curatorial Manager.

Ian Yung (Orchard Greater China Director)

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More than 20 years of experience in digital entertainment content development and cross-platform cooperation, successful projects with China Mobile, Nokia and Tencent.
Before assuming his current position, he served as General Manager of Digital Entertainment of Emperor Entertainment Group (Hong Kong) and Consultant of Huawei Technologies (China).

Priyanka Dewan (The Orchard Vice President of International Marketing Asia Pacific / General Manager of Southeast Asia and Korea)

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Currently at The Orchard as Vice President of International Marketing Asia Pacific and Director of South East Asia and Korea, responsible for contracts and management with The Orchard’s priority brands such as BIGHIT Music and JYP Entertainment.
Before joining Singapore-based booking agency Feedback Asia, he had over 18 years of industry experience including touring with CHVRCHES, Flying Lotus, James Blake, Yuna and Bicep.

Yuji Yamashita (President of KSR Co., Ltd. / President of Rights Skates Co., Ltd. / Joint Representative Director of Independent Music Coalition Japan)

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From 2000 to 2020, the A&R business was carried out, mainly leading the domestic hip-hop, R&B/SOUL, reggae and other dance music scenes. Since 2015, it has carried out all-Asian DSP distribution business and domestic and foreign cooperative music production. . Since 2017, he has led the domestic dance music label “bpm tokyo”, and since 2020 he has led the label “bpm plus asia” focusing on the Asian music market. Elected to the Merlin Board of Directors January 2022.

  • About Music Ally Japan

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Music Ally was founded in London in 2002 by ex-musician founders.
We will continue to uniquely deliver support services so music companies can thrive even in the ever-changing digital age.

Music Ally Japan was established in February 2019 to provide business support to Japanese music industry players.
We publish newsletters summarizing the latest information and expertise on the world’s music business and digital marketing, host online panel talks and webinars, and provide music strategy advice.


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  • About Japanese Orchard

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The Orchard is a leading music distribution company with more than 40 locations worldwide. Starting with major music distribution services like Spotify and Apple Music, we provide tools for bulk distribution of music to music services around the world. We also provide global artists and labels with comprehensive marketing services, streamlined licensing, video services, transparent data analytics, advertising, rights management, digital and physical distribution.


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