“Old Clothes de Vaccine Mini” will be released on February 17 (Fri)|News Release of Japan Recycling System Co., Ltd.

“Used Clothes de Vaccine” operated by Japan Reuse System Co., Ltd. is a self-reliance support type/donation type cleaning product used for various clothing organization opportunities such as changing clothes, moving house, and general cleaning. By using this service, you can easily and conveniently discard the clothes that you feel reluctant to throw away for various reasons in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. In addition, by using it, we can contribute to the achievement of the 9 goals of SDGs, such as donating polio vaccine to children around the world, which is used by about 20,000 people every month.
If you use the regular version of used clothes de vaccine (3,300 yen / tax included), about 120 thin clothes can be thrown away at one time, but some customers often reuse them. We have received many requests for a plan that can be used easily even if there are few unnecessary clothes. Therefore, this time we have launched a “Second-hand Clothes Vaccination Mini”, which is very suitable for people who live alone who often use and clean up a small amount of clothes.

Collection kit for exclusive use of miniversion old clothes de vaccine
Price: 2,500 yen (tax included)
>> Kit Contents
① A set of thank you letters, activity reports and other information letters
②Special collection bags for clothes, etc.
▼Sales page:

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■Features of “Old clothes to vaccine mini version”
(1) Donating three polio vaccines to children around the world

By using it, you can donate polio vaccines to children in Vanuatu, Bhutan and more. (The ordinary version of the old clothes de vaccine can donate polio vaccine to 5 people.)
(2) You can easily clean up the clothes you no longer need from a small amount.

Up to 20kg of “Mini Old Clothes to Vaccine” can be shed, as well as 50 to 80 thin clothes. Because it is one size smaller than the “regular version of second-hand clothes to vaccine”, you can easily use it to clean up a small amount of clothes.
③ It is related to the support of disabled artists.

The clothes collection bag of “Used Clothes de Vaccine Mini” uses “Sunflower” designed by Shigeto Yamashita, an artist who uses a respirator for progressive muscular dystrophy. Royalty is paid per use, so your cleanup will help support Mr. Yamashita’s artistic endeavors.

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What is Used Clothes to Vaccines?

Used Clothes de Vaccine is a self-reliant, donation-supported cleanup product that makes it easy and convenient for you to throw away the clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories you hate to throw away. Not only has it made your room cleaner, but it has also led to the donation of polio vaccines to children around the world, supported independent living for people with disabilities in Japan and overseas, and decarbonized by reducing waste. Contribute to the achievement of a goal.
The initiative was launched in November 2010 and won the 3rd Japan Sustainable Development Goals Award “Special Award” in 2019 for its long-term social contribution and sustainable business model. In December 2022, it was registered as (products and services supporting an affluent life) in the “National Movement to Create a New Affluent Lifestyle Leading to Decarbonization” sponsored by the Ministry of Environment.
▼Old clothes to vaccine:

■ About Japan Recycling System Co., Ltd.
Location: 28th Floor, Block A, Shinagawa Intercity Building, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-6028
Representative: Representative Director Masato Yamada
Established: June 28, 2005
Business description: We are a “one-off shop” that conducts various social businesses based on the reuse business. Based on the corporate philosophy of “Sanka Yoshiji”, we currently do business with about 30 countries and regions, and we use new perspectives and new methods that are not bound by existing common sense to deal with things that are no longer needed in Japan and the surrounding world. I’m taking advantage of people who are said to be.
Main business is “Used Clothes de Vaccine” (Won the 3rd Japan SDGs Award “Special Award (SDGs Partnership Award)” and “Sewing Industry” (Environmental Human Development Enterprise Award 2019 “Environmental Minister Award (Best Award)”) ).

■ Consultation on this matter
Japan Recycling System Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Shiori Suzuki
Tel: 03-6717-4363

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