Nursing Home Holds Mid-Autumn Festival Thigh Dance——This is Shenzhen

A nursing home in Taiwan knows what seniors want for Mid-Autumn Festival…a sexy lap dance.

The Taoyuan Veterans Museum decided to forego mooncakes for this year’s celebration and instead invited an exotic dancer, dressed in her best lingerie, to perform in a room full of elderly people, even letting them touch her chest.

But don’t panic! Everyone in the room, including the dancers, complied with the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control measures and wore masks.

Photos of the event quickly went viral on Chinese social media and sparked a heated debate among some netizens, who said the elderly should not be allowed to watch such performances.

However, Jiang Guanyu, an attending physician at Zhongxing Hospital of Beicheng United Medical Center, has a different opinion.

In a post on Facebook, which was also shared on YouTube, he said: “People shouldn’t let images limit their imaginations, the old man is in a good mood.”

He even said that this dance stimulates their blood circulation (crickey), increases their appetite and boosts immunity.

Jiang then argued that if the photo was taken in a big hotel, no one would care if the old man was in a suit and leather shoes.

He later doubled down on his argument, claiming that people cared only because those people were in poor health and came from lower socioeconomic status.

For someone who doesn’t work in a nursing home, Chiang must have felt strongly about their right to lap dance.

“The real dereliction of duty is that we’re not even taking into account the grandmothers who want to see hot guys dance,” he concluded his argument.

Jiang posted on Facebook and asked netizens, if the activities do not infringe others, do not violate the law or have criminal intent, and do not cause harm, what is the problem?

Jiang Guanyu for President!

(picture from Weibo)

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