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Two major factors combined with the pent-up desire to travel to Japan after the epidemic broke the single-month record.

During the pandemic, when Japan instituted some of the world’s strictest border control regulations, there was discussion about whether this would curb foreign tourists’ desire to visit the country once they were finally allowed to do so again. Japan’s popularity among younger tourists was rising, especially before the borders were closed, so there was the question of whether, after having to postpone Japan travel plans for so long, many would give up and look for other countries they were keen to visit instead. .

However, none of this happened. Inbound foreign tourism has fully resumed, not only recovering but also exceeding pre-epidemic levels. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, In March, the number of foreign tourists in Japan exceeded 3 million for the first time in history. As much as Japan welcomed it, it did not grudgingly cross the threshold. 3,081,600 Visitors from other parts of the world.

There were six countries with more than 100,000 tourists visiting Japan in May: South Korea (663,100), Taiwan (484,400), China (452,400), the United States (290,100), Hong Kong (231,400) and Thailand (131,700). . In March, the number of inbound tourists to Japan from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Germany and Italy also hit a record high..

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Two major factors contributed to these record numbers. First: Cherry blossoms. While cherry blossoms are traditionally associated with April, in recent years they have begun blooming in late March, and the blossoms have become an iconic symbol of Japan, with anyone interested in traveling to the country wanting to see them. second, The yen’s value plummeted against foreign currencies, reaching the lowest level since before the bubble economy in the 1980s. Traveling to Japan is cheaper for foreign tourists than it has been in decades, despite rapidly rising prices for imported goods and food made from foreign ingredients, putting increasing pressure on Japanese consumers.

A weak yen not only makes it easier for foreign tourists to visit Japan, it also makes it easier for them to spend more luxuriously in Japan.Statistics from the Japan National Tourism Administration show that from January to March, foreign tourists spent 1,750.5 billion yen Domestically, a three-month record was also set.

The end of the cherry blossom season may lead to a drop in inbound tourism in April, while May and June tend not to be popular months for foreign tourists to travel to Japan, respectively due to the crowds and stickiness of domestic tourist destinations during the Golden Week holidays and wet weather during the rainy season . But the yen is unlikely to strengthen significantly before tourists lock in their summer itineraries, so Japan is likely to see another surge in foreign tourists in July.

Source: Japan National Tourism Organization (1, 2), TBS News Dig
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