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MANILA – New Zealanders traveling to parts of the Philippines, including Metro Manila, have been advised to “be more cautious” for various reasons, including “violent crime”, according to the New Zealand government’s prevailing advice.

ABS-CBN News on the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official website reviewed the bulletin two days after a tourist from the Pacific country was shot dead in Makati City in connection with an alleged robbery, last reviewed on June 22 last year and is still available In it it said it went into effect on Tuesday.

“Violent crime rates across the Philippines are high, including armed robbery, assault, and murder. Criminal gangs are active in the Manila area, drugging and robbing unsuspecting tourists,” the bulletin read.

“Crime is more prevalent at night, especially in urban areas,” it noted, adding that “armed hijackings have occurred.”

The New Zealand government said “gun ownership is widespread and poorly regulated” in the Philippines.

“As robbery victims are often targeted for their wealth, it is advised to avoid wearing or displaying items that appear valuable, such as electronic devices, cameras and jewellery,” it said.

“New Zealanders in the Philippines are advised to remain safety conscious at all times and should avoid walking and traveling at night, especially to remote areas,” it added.

“If you are the victim of a mugging, robbery or carjacking, you should not resist as this could lead to an escalation of violence.”

In addition to violent crime, the New Zealand government cited terrorism threats and the risk of kidnapping when reminding its citizens to be more cautious in the Philippine capital and other parts of the country.

The same warning also prohibits New Zealanders from traveling to west-central Mindanao, including the Sulu Islands, “because of the very high treatment of terrorism, kidnapping and violence between the military/police and terrorist or rebel groups.”

For the remaining provinces in Mindanao, the New Zealand government advises its citizens to avoid non-essential travel “due to terrorist threats, kidnapping and violent clashes between the military/police and terrorist or rebel groups”.

New Zealand tourist Nicholas Peter Stacey, 34, was shot dead Sunday night after a fight with robbers in Barangay Palanan, Makati City, police said.

According to the investigation, Stacy was with his girlfriend when armed men approached them on a motorcycle and announced the hijacking.

The victim “intervened and attempted to grab the assailant’s weapon, but the suspect shot the victim in the left chest, killing him,” a police report said.

Authorities said the suspect stole Stacey’s girlfriend’s mobile phone and wallet before fleeing to Pasay City.

“We know that this incident may instill fear in other visitors to our country, so we will ensure that justice is done for the death of the aforementioned victim,” said Gen. Jonnel Estomo, head of Metro Manila.

(We know this incident may instill fear in our country’s visitors, so we will ensure that justice is served.)

So far, the New Zealand embassy in the Philippines has not issued a statement on the incident.

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