New foreign investment community agency launched

New foreign investment community agency launched

Seven foreign businessmen and investor groups from different countries have united to form the Confederation of Cambodia Investors Associations (CCIA) to combine their strengths and activities in the country, which will open this weekend at NagaWorld 1 in Phnom Penh, A senior CCIA official said.

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The seven major business organizations are the Cambodian Footwear Association (CFA), the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (MBCC), the Singapore Club of Cambodia (SCC), the Cambodian Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCCA), the China Chongqing General Chamber of Commerce (CCCC), and the Cambodian Tourism Products and Leather Association ( CTLA) and the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (InCham Cambodia).

“We want to combine our respective strengths,” Vichet Lor, vice president of the CCCA Cambodia chapter, told khmer times“For example, when we want to work with Singaporean companies, we connect them through SCC, and if a Singaporean company wants to venture to Hong Kong or China, it connects us. So, join forces.”

SCC President Andrew Tay told khmer times The CCIA will represent a single voice for seven communities of foreign businessmen and investors doing business in Cambodia.

He went on to add that the CCIA will enable the seven organizations, including chambers and associations, to share resources, expertise and knowledge as Singaporean businessmen and investors not only engage with Singaporeans themselves, but also with non-Singaporeans doing business in Cambodia. Share resources, expertise and knowledge.

“I think we came together because we wanted to work closely together with one voice because sometimes the activities were repetitive. One chamber would do one thing and the other would do another, but before issuing advice to the government, When it comes to asking and suggesting, they are the same,” Andrew said.

CCIA will not only have businessmen and investors from Asian regions such as Southeast Asia, East Asia and South Asia, but also businessmen and investors from other regions such as Europe and America. “Once launched, we will definitely invite others and open it up to other chambers of commerce.”

Sandeep Majumdar, president of the Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce, told khmer times The CCIA does not create a conflict of interest because each of them would function normally even in the presence of the CCIA.

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