Nepal bans solo trekking across the country –


Trekking alone in the mountains of Nepal is prohibited and requires a government-certified guide or group. /Carlo A/Moment RF/Getty Images

Published on Monday 2023.03.13 14:36 ​​JST

(CNN) Trekking alone is prohibited in the mountains of Nepal, you must have a government-certified guide or join a group. Five years ago, solo climbers were banned from climbing Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak.

The highest mountains in the world are concentrated in Nepal, which is also known for its scenic hiking routes. The trekking industry is an important source of income, but searching for and rescuing missing unaccompanied travelers is costly.

“Traveling to the city is fine, but the infrastructure in the mountains is insufficient,” a Nepal Tourism Board official told CNN. He explained.

According to the person in charge, there are also big problems with tour guides and companies operating without government approval. Calls have grown for these businesses to cease operations, accusing them of not paying taxes and taking away people’s jobs.

The owner of a guide company with a long history in Japan said in an interview with CNN that the number of beginners on foot has increased in recent years, and supervision is inevitable.


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