Need to know: 5 travel essentials for any trip

Need to know: 5 travel essentials for any trip

Photography: MUJI

Grab these 5 affordable travel essentials to make your next trip a breeze.

Planning your next adventure? Whether you’re flying to an exotic location or embarking on a road trip, staying organized and comfortable while traveling is essential. Just in time for the mid-year holidays, Muji has launched Muji To Go, a line of travel essentials designed for hassle-free travel. Read on for our list of items to bag ahead of your next vacation.

1. Reliable and stylish quality luggage

Goodbye, bulky luggage. Lightweight and durable, Muji’s adjustable hardside suitcases come in a variety of colorways and timeless designs minimalists will love. Its two-wheel design guarantees smooth movement even on uneven ground, and its wheels are made of high sound-absorbing material to reduce auditory disturbance. Add in a convenient stopper without having to bend over to access your items, and you have a game-changing piece of luggage that will last for years. Bonus points for the eco-friendly materials used in the construction: it’s partly made from recycled water bottle material!

2. Plush neck pad for long trips

Travel Essentials - Neck Pillow
Photography: MUJI

Never worry about sleepless flights or uncomfortable bus rides again with Muji’s neck pad. This travel essential features beads encased in stretchy material for optimal head and neck support so you can snooze in comfort. We like that there is a neck pillow option with an add-on hood feature that doubles as an eye mask to block out any distracting light. Simply put it on your head for a comfortable rest during a long flight or road trip. These are also fully washable and reusable.

3. The trunk of the suitcase

Travel Essentials - Organizers
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Find tidier luggage quickly – Muji’s cloth gusseted luggage keeps even the cluttered luggage organized. These beautiful modules are an easy way to store clothes without the hassle of folding and organizing them. Just throw a few pieces of clothing in each box, pop them into your luggage, and you’re good to go. Choose from different sizes to suit your organization needs. These boxes even have two layers, making it easy to separate old clothes from other clothes. the best part? They fold down for compact storage when not in use. Talk about saving space!

4. Organizers to keep your bathroom tidy

Travel Essentials - Toiletries
Photography: MUJI

If you’re down on luck during your stay, this hanging bathroom vanity might just be your lifesaver. Perfect for compact bathrooms (or just to organize luggage), this practical and space-saving travel essential keeps all your daily essentials in one place. Pack all your bath, makeup and skincare products into separate compartments for easy access on the go. Plus, this case looks just as stylish in your luggage as it does in your hotel bathroom.

5. Comfortable sneakers for the road

MUJI Travel Essentials
Photography: MUJI

Take it from us: comfortable shoes are a must. That’s why Muji’s sneakers have our vote. You can rely on these kicks for firm arch support and comfortable cushioning. Even after hours of pounding the pavement, your feet won’t be sore. Worried about the weather? Don’t worry, your feet will stay dry even in a drizzle because these sneakers are water-repellent.

When you’re ready to pack your bags and hit the road, head to Muji to stock up on all the travel essentials you could need.

This post is in partnership with MUJI.

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