Natsume, President and CEO of Tastemade Japan, took the stage at “Advertising Week Asia 2023” and had a comic dialogue with Japan’s No. 1 TikToker Mr. Lin

Natsume, President and CEO of Tastemade Japan, took the stage at “Advertising Week Asia 2023” and had a comic dialogue with Japan’s No. 1 TikToker Mr. Lin

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I’ve been lucky that Tastemade Japan and Mr. Hayashi have jointly produced and released many collaborative videos based on popular recipes from both parties.
In this cross talk session, after introducing the profiles of both parties, we will discuss the secrets of creating SNS content that transcends generations and boundaries: (1) content that establishes communication with users, (2) editorial optimization for each platform, and (3) Video production from a global perspective, which we discuss with examples.
The venue was a success and was nearly sold out, and through this presentation, it was an opportunity to spread Tastemade Japan’s commitment to content creation and accumulated production expertise to more industry insiders, clients, and creators.
We will continue to update our production tips and tricks every day to provide more people with video content full of surprises, discoveries and inspirations.

【Asia Advertising Week】

Advertising Week Asia is one of the world’s largest marketing and communications events, held in New York, London and elsewhere around the world, bringing together industry leaders and experts from across the Asia region.

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■Taste making
Founded in Los Angeles in 2012, Lifestyle Media reaches a global audience of 250 million monthly with over 3 billion views.
Currently, in addition to the US, we have bases and services in 10 countries including Japan, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, China, Indonesia and Australia. Starting with original recipe videos with a strong sizzle, we create videos of various genres such as highly entertaining travel, home and design, beauty, etc. and distribute them all over the world.
■ Tastemade Japan Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2016, it began to provide Japanese original content production and distribution services. The total number of Japanese SNS fans has grown to 9 million+.
Carefully selected high-quality images and videos that create a world view are disseminated through digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and LINE, attracting not only general audiences but also the attention of businesses.
In addition to operating our own accounts, we also provide sponsors and brands with creative guidance such as videos and photos we have cultivated, as well as SNS operation skills of the SNS native generation.

■ Tastemade Japan official SNS account
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