“Naps + E” project Cambodia helmet donation “Naps SDGs Starting Here”

Naps Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Masahiro Mochizuki), which retails and develops motorcycle supply stores, has been promoting one of the five pillars of SDGs activities with Naps+E partner companies. As part of the international support, the first batch of helmets donated to Cambodia was completed on schedule.
While motorcycles are rapidly popularizing in Southeast Asia, the infrastructure for safety education may not be in place, and cases of deaths in accidents are common.
In this case, the Cambodian government is actively promoting safety awareness campaigns, but we are facing a situation where it is difficult to comply with the obligation to wear helmets.
So Naps became the recipient and facilitated the delivery of helmets in Japan as a donation.
Donated this time are Japanese helmet manufacturer “WINS JAPAN” (3-20 Yokogawa, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture) and “ReNet Japan (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.”, and under the cooperation of the Japanese Embassy in Cambodia, according to the cooperation with MPWT (Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Kingdom of Cambodia) Director General’s Memorandum of Understanding on Helmet Donations, 200 helmet donations were made. I am.

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This year, the old Khmer New Year in Cambodia (April 14-16) will hold a safe driving enlightenment event, and we plan to participate.
Naps completed the installation of Helmet Recycling Collection Boxes for helmet donations at stores nationwide in February. We will continue to work on helmet donations in order to pass on the ideas of Japanese riders to the world.

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■ Wins Japan
■ReNet Japan (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

that’s all

Naps Co., Ltd. has been engaged in retailing, developing and selling motorcycle merchandise since its establishment in 1962, and has developed three major businesses as the pillars of its business: store business, online store business and private label business.
In terms of store business, centering on the Kanto area, in addition to Tohoku, Tokai, Kinki, China, Shikoku, and Kyushu, we have expanded overseas stores in the Taipei area, with a total of 31 stores (including 6 Up Garage Riders stores), acquiring and selling second-hand motorcycle supplies). ) to operate. The average store area is about 900m2, and each store handles more than 35,000 items of goods. Taking advantage of the advantages of a large store, it provides all services necessary for motorcycle life such as vehicle inspection (as of February 2023).
In addition, as a one-stop channel for riders, we operate not only stores but also an online store with about 300,000 items, and plan, manufacture and sell new products to meet potential demand.we are doing
Under the vision “For All Riders”.


Representative Director Masahiro MochizukiRepresentative Director Masahiro Mochizuki

The motorcycle industry is facing a time of great change. The Japanese market is shrinking, a commoditized market with only discounts and low-price strategies, and efforts to address environmental issues lag behind other industries. Is it possible to move away from the problems felt throughout the industry and create new innovations in motorcycle culture? Action is not something that can be satisfied with a casual nap, but in order to increase the sustainability of the world in which motorcycles operate, efforts need to be made to create shared value for the entire motorcycle industry. over there? With this in mind, we launched a new program, Naps +E, and a new brand, Naps Sports.
“For all riders.” We will contribute to creating a rich motorcycle life and implement various initiatives to realize customers’ dreams.

【Company Profile】
Company NameNaps Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Masahiro Mochizuki
Capital 100 million yen
Established in January 1962
Head Office Address 16th Floor, Nishi-Yokohama Building, 1-1-8 Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone number 045-211-4333
Fax number 045-211-4383
Business: Retail and development of motorcycle supplies/parts

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