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Mynavi International Career “Career in Japan 2022 KOREA vol.2” Held | Mynavi Press Release

【Implementation Background】

The recruitment adequacy ratio*1 for fresh graduate recruitment in Japan has declined as companies have resumed their willingness to recruit and recruitment competition has intensified. In addition, Japan’s working-age population has entered a decline phase since 1995 and is expected to continue to decline*2. Companies are trying to recruit global human resources from all over the world, as well as Japanese human resources.

On the other hand, the employment situation in Korea has become a social problem, and according to the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor, the ratio of active vacancies to applicants in 2021 is 0.39 times, and this situation continues to be very difficult*3. The Korean government has launched the overseas employment support project “K-MOVE” for Korean talents since 2013. We have signed an agreement with, and we are holding a recruitment event “Career in Japan KOREA” as a bridge between employment in Korea Japanese job seekers and Japanese companies.

In 2020 and 2021, it will be held online due to restrictions on overseas travel due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Japan 2022 KOREA vol.2″ will be held in Korea after three years*4. Companies and students can communicate directly with local companies, deepen mutual understanding and better match.

“Mynavi International Job Hunting” will continue to provide a place where you can meet global human resources and companies that want to be active in the world including Japan.

*1 From Mynavi’s “2022 (Graduates of 2023) Fresh Graduate Recruitment/Employment Frontline Summary”
*2 From the National Institute of Population and Social Security “Japan Population Forecast (2017 Estimate) Report”
*3 From the Ministry of Employment and Labor of Korea (Work-Net: Employment Stability Information Network, EIS: Employment Information Integrated Analysis System)
*4 “Career in Japan 2022 KOREA vol.1” will be held online in June 2022

【Event Summary】
Event name: Career in Japan 2022 KOREA Vol.2
Date and time: November 12 (Saturday) and November 13 (Friday), 2022, 10:00~17:00
Venue: COEX (Seoul, South Korea)
Target: Graduates (or preparing to graduate) of local universities and graduate schools in Korea
Advance booking: 800 people (estimated)

21 companies including SoftBank/Nissan Motor/Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC/Miura Kogyo/Persol R&D

【About “Minawi International Employment”】
“Mynavi International Job” is a recruitment information site that connects companies seeking bilingual talents centered on overseas university students with global talents. We provide a wealth of useful information and knowledge, such as job hunting timetables by country and job hunting counseling for international students. We enriched activities such as “Mynavi Global Career EXPO” held in summer. In addition, we are conducting a wide range of activities such as joint company briefing sessions for Japanese international students, “My Navi Job Seminar” for international students, and overseas joint screening event “Career in Japan.” In June 2023, “Career in Japan 2023 KOREA Vol.1” will also be held.

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