Myanmar job seekers carry Thai ID

Myanmar job seekers carry Thai ID

Soldiers in Kanchanaburi province’s Sangkhlaburi district on Sunday arrested illegal Burmese immigrants traveling in buses using Thai ID cards. (Photo: Piyarach Chongchareon)

Kanchanaburi: Five Burmese migrants were found carrying Thai national identity cards as they traveled in a van between the Phra Chedi Sam Ong (Three Pagodas) border checkpoint and the district town of Sangkhlaburi on Sunday.

Four people were arrested when a van from Phra Chedi Sam Ong was stopped for inspection at the Nam Kroek security checkpoint on Highway 323 at about 9.30 am, which is operated by the village of Moo 8 from Tambon Nong Lu. Soldiers of the Lat Ya Task Force are in charge.

The soldiers checked the ID cards of the six passengers and found that two men, aged 35 and 42, and two women, aged 28 and 29, turned out to be Burmese nationals holding Thai ID cards. Their faces did not match the photos on the cards.

The four Myanmar citizens said they took a bus from Mawlamyine, Myanmar, to Phyathonezu town, opposite Sangkhlaburi district in Kanchanaburi province, on May 14.

They stayed overnight at the home of a Burmese travel agent. On Sunday morning, they took a motorbike taxi to the Thai border and entered Thailand through a natural passage. They then boarded the van and headed to Kanchanaburi town.

They said they paid 20,000 baht each to the travel agency. They admitted to holding Thai identity cards to conceal their real identities.

About two hours later, another 37-year-old Burmese man was arrested at the same checkpoint. He also holds a Thai identity card. He admitted to crossing the border with four people who had been arrested earlier.

The five illegal border crossers have been handed over to Sangkhaburi police for legal action.

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