My Philippines Travel Level Using ChatGPT

My Philippines Travel Level Using ChatGPT

The My Philippines Travel Level app has gained popularity as people return to vacation spots after the pandemic. However, what you may not realize is that artificial intelligence makes this possible. The app’s creator, Denz Del Villar, told Rappler he used ChatGPT to develop the platform. Surprisingly, this is his first web development project.

He’s had the idea for years, but didn’t get started due to lack of experience. “I think it’s from 2019, and I randomly saw this map in Japanese and got interested,” Del Villar said. Then, he realized, “Hey, this (app) should also have a Filipino version.” Luckily, he discovered ChatGPT on April 5, inspiring him to continue the project.

Are you wondering how he came up with the My Philippines Travel Level app? I will discuss how ChatGPT helps to develop a viral platform. Plus, I’ll teach you how to use the app so you can try it out this summer in the country!

How ChatGPT Helped Build My Philippines Travel Level App

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Denz Del Del Villar, a Filipino software engineer based in Singapore, created the My Philippines Travel Level website to test the travel of users in the country. It enables them to show how many times they have explored the Philippine region.

Many celebrities like the app, such as former Vice President Leni Robredo. As a result, more Filipinos and foreigners showed their “My Philippines Travel Map” screenshots.

Del Villar told Rappler that he saw a Japanese version of the app in 2019, which inspired him to make a Filipino version. However, he needs to be more confident in his web development abilities.

Fortunately, he found that ChatGPT can help him. “Many software engineers see potential in ChatGPT to guide them in building projects,” Del Villar said.

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Believe it or not, he made the app using artificial intelligence tools during a ten-hour layover in Turkey. He explains its development this way:

“(The site) has a lot of pictures, you need a map first, but I didn’t know how to do it, not even how to draw it. I asked ChatGPT how to start. I also followed the format of the guy who made the Japanese version. The site was not live yet , because many features are still missing,” he said.

ChatGPT wrote the code for the missing functionality. As a result, Del Villar said it provided “pretty good” answers to his queries. Plus, it helped him master the basics of hosting a website, like getting a domain.

“For software engineers, when you’re learning to write a new program, it’s hard to start from scratch,” he said. “But if you have a template, it becomes easier. Since ChatGPT gives me a template of how to start, it makes my life easier,” Del Villar added.

What’s wrong with using ChatGPT?

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Del Villar said the bot’s code immediately didn’t work for the site. “It’s like you’re Googling how other people are doing it, but it’s pretty much on the same level,” he said.

“When I did that and put in what ChatGPT recommended, I still had to make sure the code worked, so I had to tweak it a little bit,” he added. Additionally, ChatGPT tends to “hallucinate” data.

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For example, he needs a software package for cross-platform development. In other words, he wanted the My Philippines Travel Level website to work on the mobile app.

He uses ReactJS to code the website, but it only works in React Native. Nonetheless, ChatGPT recommends the React Native option for its website.

Additionally, Del Villar warned that relying on ChatGPT for factual information is because it may be “susceptible to disinformation.” Today, he uses Google more for online research than AI bots.

How to use the My Philippines Travel Level website

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If you would like to use the My Philippines Travel Level website, go to Then, click on a province and select the travel level that matches your experience. Each level represents the following:

  • Living there: You have spent a significant part of your life in that area.
  • Live there: You sleep at least one night in that place.
  • Been there: You spent hours exploring the area.
  • Get off there: You just got off for a layover, stopover or connecting flight.
  • Passing There: You passed the area but didn’t set foot there.
  • Never been there: you need to travel there ASAP.

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Afterwards, you can save the image on your computer. Also, you can share this photo on your social media. Also, click the donate button to support the project financially.

in conclusion

Most people think that ChatGPT has not yet had an impact in real life. However, Denz Del Villar used the AI ​​bot to create the viral My Philippines Travel Level website.

Artificial intelligence has changed every aspect of everyday life. You may not realize it, but you probably use AI every day!

Once you understand it, artificial intelligence can be a positive force in your life. Fortunately, Inquirer Tech can help you by sharing the latest digital trends.

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