(Moxy Osaka Shin-Umeda) Moxy Play at DJ Night on Saturday, July 23rd!held


Moxy Osaka Shin-Umeda (Location: Fukushima 7-22-1, Fukushima-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Hotel Manager: Mari Tomoda) will hold Moxy Play On DJ Night on Saturday, July 23, 2022! hold! DJ HiRAPARK and DJ MOE will be active until 22:00.
Rapper Sunny, jskiiii, Beezy, and The kidd will start the hot night at 22:00!

About DJ HiRapark:

Dance producer/DJ.
Appeared in many large-scale music festivals and overseas clubs such as “ULTRA JAPAN” and “ULTRA TAIWAN”.
In domestic clubs, he signed permanent contracts with “ATOM TOKYO” and “ELE TOKYO”, and appeared in many clubs.

Introduction to DJ Moe:
While being selected in many large music festivals such as “DWP” and “Songkranzonic”,
In December 2017, with the support of NIKE, he will become the first domestic DJ to tour Asia.
To date, he has appeared in major clubs and festivals in more than 10 countries.

Enjoy adult time in the open lounge space of Moxy Osaka Shin-Umeda.
【DJ Night Moxy Play】
Date: July 23, 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 19:00~24:00
Participation fee: 3,000 yen per person (including 1 drink)
For reservations and inquiries, please contact the hotel.

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* At Moxy Osaka Shin-Umeda, we implemented thorough sanitation measures in accordance with the Marriott Cleaning Committee and received the “Osaka Prefectural Infection Prevention Gold Medal”. In the Moxy Cafe & Bar in the store, in addition to cooperating with customers to wear masks (except when eating and drinking), disinfectants and acrylic panels are also installed, and ventilation and air environment measurements are carried out regularly.

About MOXY
Moxy is a playful, affordable, and stylish hotel brand that, as the name suggests, is designed for the sociable, curious, and energetic next-generation traveler. Hotels are characterized by our portfolio of more than 60 experiential properties across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. This is a concept of a boutique hotel targeting budget travelers, a new concept hotel with a friendly atmosphere. The price is reasonable, but the sleek design and comfort aren’t compromised. The rooms are simple and functional. Simmons mattresses are used for comfort. With lively social spaces, you can spend your time in various ways, such as having fun in the intimate atmosphere of the bar/lounge and library, and interacting with travelers. There is no reception, guests can check in with a cocktail in the Moxy Bar. We will provide a comfortable and dynamic hotel life that meets the needs of each guest, at an affordable price, while providing the most fun experience possible.


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