MOT To Discuss With Airlines On Providing Cheaper Fares To Students


The Ministry of Transport (MOT) will discuss with airlines to offer cheaper fares for students, especially for flights connecting Peninsular Malaysia and the eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak. Education Minister Loke Siu Fook revealed this earlier today in the Dewan Rakyat in response to a query from Pakatan Sandakan MP Wee Wei Wei. Huang Weiwei wondered if the government planned to provide affordable air ticket packages for students from East Malaysia during the term break. .

Locke noted that so far, only Malaysia Airlines (MAB) offers such packages under its MHExplorer programme. Under the initiative, students enjoy a 30% discount on air tickets, an extra 10kg baggage allowance and special discounts for family members and classmates. “We will try to discuss this (special package) with other airlines,” he added.

Transport Minister Loke Siu Fook (Source: Bernama)

Meanwhile, the minister said the Transport Ministry will also continue to monitor air ticket prices on all domestic routes through the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM).This most likely refers to last year’s events There have been many complaints from citizens about the high fares charged by companies during the festival.

He assured that some airlines have implemented special initiatives to offer cheaper fares for special occasions, AirAsia being the most recent example.In case you missed it, the low-cost airline recently announced fixed flight fare Travel to East Malaysia to coincide with the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations.

AirAsia Cuti-Cuti Malaysia e-vouchers can now be redeemed via Cheaper Fare Website Student Ministry of Transport
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At the same time, Lu Zhaofu also revealed that his department has no problem with airlines launching new routes, but this will depend on market demand. The statement was made in response to a supplementary question raised by Padang Besar representative Rushdan Rusmi on whether the government has plans to add more flights connecting the east and west coasts of Peninsular Malaysia.

“…but I understand that sometimes there needs to be incentives,” he said. “So, maybe the state government, through the Tourism Action Committee, can give these airlines some incentives to have direct flights from Penang to Terengganu, or Penang to Kota Bharu, etc.”

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