MÖSHI releases new EP “I’ve GOT EVERYTHING BUT YOU” and releases music video

MÖSHI released a new EP “I’ve GOT EVERYTHING BUT YOU” on Wednesday, July 12th.

MÖSHI is a fashion designer, rapper and producer. In addition to the single “GOT EVERYTHING BUT U”, “ARE YOU DOWN?” ​​covers various genres such as hip-hop, R&B, UK Garage, Drum’n’Bass, House, etc. Works with multiple timbres such as the original sound. Plus, the production tackled everything from the music to the direction of the cover art.

The MV for the title song “FACE VALUE” was also released at the same time as the album. Contrary to the blunt lyrics “I can’t be satisfied with money or fame, I just want you,” the song’s reverberating beat unfolds at dizzying speed, as if expressing an inner transformation. The MV is in charge of film director/video creator Hiro Kenichiro.

Also, on Friday, July 21, a new party “PREMIERE” planned by MÖSHI will be held at KATA & Time Out Cafe & Diner (LIQUIDROOM 2F) in Ebisu, Tokyo. In addition to the alternative crew SAR, SSW/producer SPENSR who has collaborated with MÖSHI on “Good Times” will also appear as a guest. New clothing and merchandise from MÖSHI will also be available on the day.

(MÖSHI review)

“I Have Everything But You” begins with the vague theme of “I’m satisfied, but something important is missing.”
Many people have felt the same way in their current situation, which is moderately satisfying. Amid all the conflicts and difficulties during production, I kept asking myself what was really important to me. They were compared to stories and 6 songs were born. This is a story about facing what’s really important to you.
Compared with the past, I feel that I have changed from an introvert to an extrovert.
It could be a change in your mindset where you want to break out of your shell and connect with the outside world.
I would be happy if these 6 songs can make everyone feel a new challenge while maintaining their individuality.


【release news】

230610 moshi sama 02S
MÖSHI “I have everything but you”
Release date: July 12, 2023 (Wednesday)
Track list:
1. I have everything but you

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【Event Information】

『MÖSHI presents “PREMIERE”』
Date and time: July 21, 2023 (gold)
Venue: Ebisu, Tokyo KATA & Time Out Cafe & Diner
Price: ADV.2,500 yen (1D is charged separately)

Inquiries: CREATIVEMAN Production Company (03-3499-6669)

■Ticket details (e+)

■ MÖSHI official website

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