More of a “moving place” than a tourist attraction! Two dive shops shortlisted for the “Japan Tourism Awards 2024” | Oceana, a comprehensive diving and marine website

More of a “moving place” than a tourist attraction! Two dive shops shortlisted for the “Japan Tourism Awards 2024” | Oceana, a comprehensive diving and marine website

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Good news for the diving industry! “JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS” has a vision of “creating a better society through tourism”, and 18 regions and companies were selected as finalists for “JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS 2024” from a total of 163 entries. These include two dive shops in Onna Village, Okinawa Prefecture, and Setouchi Town, Oshima Island, Amami, with which Oceana is collaborating on coral conservation and the introduction of universal design, “Okinawa Diving Service Lagoon” and “Zero Gravity Shimizu Villa” . is also selected. I would like to introduce the judging points of this award and the reasons why I was shortlisted in an easy-to-understand way.

What is the “Japan Tourism Award”?

The “JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS,” which will be held for the third time this year, is an award aimed at building a better society through tourism. Based on this vision, we will focus on supporting overseas promotion activities of domestic enterprises and local governments. Selected as the winner of “JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS”.

*DE&I: A concept that combines the three elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These elements respect individual differences and characteristics within an organization or society and provide equal opportunities. It represents an effort to involve all people in their own way and to make an active difference.

Take stock of the reasons for choosing these two dive shops

Two of the 18 finalists for the “2024 JAPAN TRAVEL AWARD” are dive shops, which is great news for the diving industry in tourism with natural environments as the field, reaffirming its value. Therefore, I would like to introduce the selected “Okinawa Diving Service Lagoon” (Lagoon Co., Ltd. / Onna Village, Okinawa Prefecture) and “Zero Gravity Shimizu Villa” (General Incorporated Legal Person Zero Gravity / Setouchi Town, Kagoshima Prefecture).

Okinawa Diving Services Lagoon

A dive experience program for the public with coral conservation activities conducted by local fishermen. Through responsible tourism initiatives, we allow tourists to plant corals and participate in environmental conservation activities while enjoying the beautiful ocean of Okinawa, practice sustainable tourism, help locals and tourists grow together, and are evaluated as emphasizing happiness. Oceana is working with the Onna village office where Okinawa diving service Lagoon is located, and is working to evaluate and certify each dive shop in order to spread “Green Fins,” an international environmental standard for diving aimed at protecting corals.

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Zero Gravity Clear Water Villa

Based on the concept of “a comprehensive marine sports facility that allows both disabled and able-bodied people to enjoy safely and securely”, it is equipped with barrier-free accommodation facilities, swimming pools, and boats, allowing tourists to sit in wheelchairs while enjoying diving and snorkeling. In addition, it is designed so that anyone can enjoy the beautiful nature of Amami Oshima.It was rated for its success in respecting diversity and providing engaging experiences for all possible through a proactive approach to accessibility

. Zero Gravity Shimizu Villa, led by Oceana CEO Yuta Kawamoto, supports the introduction of universal design in marine activity facilities nationwide to spread ocean sports that both disabled and able-bodied people can enjoy safely and with confidence.yes

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Accessibility: Public spaces, facilities, products, websites, etc. suitable for individuals of various backgrounds and characteristics, including physical limitations and disabilities, the elderly, children and foreigners, refer to the state of being available.

▼Please check here why all the finalists were selected.

Future screening schedule of “JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS 2024”

“JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS 2024” will begin live screening of finalists from August. The judges will stand in the same perspective as the tourists and evaluate the efforts of the finalists on the spot. In addition, when deciding on the winners, the specific efforts will be examined from the perspective of each tourist, and the final selection will be made. Winners will be announced in late January 2024. Outstanding entries are expected to be recognized in various categories including Grand Prix, Accessibility Category, LGBTQ+ Category, Sustainability Category, Entry Category and other special awards.

*This screening will not bring any financial burden to the finalists, and we strive to make a fair judgment.

Japan Travel Awards official website: https://japantravelawards.com/home2024-en

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In the tourism industry, including diving, it is an attractive initiative that will revitalize Japan’s tourism industry by praising regions and companies that respect diversity and are actively working on sustainable tourism. Can’t wait to announce the winners at the end of January!

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