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China Hong Kong. Plaza Premium Group celebrated its 25th anniversary with the grand opening of Intervals Sky Bar & Restaurant at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) on Friday (18 August).

The Moodie Davitt Report was in attendance at the event, and Founder and Chairman Martin Moodie was honored to attend Intervals’ ribbon cutting.

as report, Intervals is located 28 meters above the ground on the majestic new Sky Bridge at Hong Kong International Airport. Plaza Premium Group called the venue an “unprecedented airport destination”.

The concept aims to elevate the airport experience (in multiple ways), offering chic food and drinks on the world’s longest airport bridge with stunning views of the airport and Lantau Island.

Song Haishi, founder and chief executive officer of Plaza Premium Group (sixth from left) and his wife Linda (fourth from left) attended the event together with other distinguished guests and guests, including Cissy Chan, Executive Director and Commercial Director of Airport Authority Hong Kong (fifth from left) and Martin Moody, founder and chairman of The Moodie Davitt Report (second from right)

PPG Ribbon Cutting complete

Believing that airports lack world-class bars, Plaza strives to create an elegant, relaxed environment that offers a fine selection of artisanal drinks and fine food against a majestic airport backdrop.

Skybridge View 1024x576 1

Stirring, not shaking: Guests can enjoy cocktails at a dizzying 28 meters above the ground (with room for an A380 below)

The concept and name of “interval” draws inspiration from the fluidity of time in travel, where standard time conventions give way to time intervals. Plaza Premium Group said that this concept translates into a unique airport experience where every hour can become a cocktail hour.

{Click on the podcast icon to see her Plaza Premium Group founder and CEO Song Hoi See’s conversation with Martin Moodie)

Plaza Intervals Mei Mei Song

Mei Mei Song: “This project is our quest to not only make travel better, but also provide great drinks, amazing views and a cool vibe. We want to make the airport a destination in itself.”

Plaza CIssy Chan

Cissy Chan highlights the panorama of Intervals. “It will be the best destination for tourists from all over the world”

The project was co-created by Song Meimei, Director of Global Brand and Product Transformation of Plaza Premium Group (PPG); Creative Director Victoria Chow, famous founder of Hong Kong’s famous bar The Woods; and Australian architect Mitchel Squires, Design Director and Partner of AVTStudio people.

Before the ribbon cutting, Song Meimei told the guests: “We are very happy to officially launch our cocktail bar, Intervals. When this airport opened in 1998, 25 years ago, we opened the first independent lounge. I am very proud to share Our latest project in 25 years.

PPG IMage of Intervals

In between, guests can enjoy a variety of original cocktails against a stunning backdrop Photo: Plaza Premium

ppg 102 PPG 100

“This project has withstood the social unrest and uncertainty of the pandemic. In fact, it’s been three years in the making. So it seems like a good reflection of our experience as airport hospitality pioneers. We listened, watched and Innovation concept.

“At PPG, we dare to push the boundaries. We are grateful for the support of airport authorities who are committed to challenging the status quo.

PPG Dragon dance 3

Traditional lion dance ceremony adds to inauguration ceremony

PPG Dragon dance 2

PPG Dragon dance 1

PPG leadership

“This project is our quest to not only make travel better, but also provide great drinks, amazing views and a cool vibe. We want to make the airport a destination in itself. We want travelers to come early and look forward to Stopover at the airport.”

“In this 25th anniversary statement, we committed to bringing technology, sustainability and people first. We added the word culture to our brand promise,” she continued, before thanking the people and partners behind the project.

PPG Intervals Mei Mei

Mei Mei Song enjoys her own hospitality

PPG Intervals Drinks

PPG intervals bar

PPG Intervals bar staff

Cissy Chan, Executive Commercial Director of the Airport Authority Hong Kong, told the guests that Intervals is unique in the airport world not only for its striking setting on top of the world’s longest pedestrian bridge in the restricted area, but also for its “stylish, decorative Beautiful interior with the best cocktails and a brilliant atmosphere”. Provide an experience for our travelers.

“I’m sure it will be the perfect place to relax, enjoy food and drinks and take in the view. I promise, it will be especially stunning at sunset. As a result, it will be a top destination for tourists from all over the world.”

PPG Intervals Allways

The Allways off-road vehicle service provided by Plaza Premium Group allows guests to arrive elegantly

PPG Intervals Allways 2

Click on the podcast icon to hear Ali Bora Isbulan, Deputy CEO of Plaza Premium Group (pictured below) talking with Martin Moodie about what Intervals means to the company

PPG Intervals Ali Bora Isbulan

Ali Bora şbulan, Deputy CEO of Plaza Premium Group: “We define Intervals as destinations”

Mr. Chen expressed warm praise to Plaza Premium Group for its contribution to Hong Kong International Airport over a quarter of a century and its strong partnership with Airport Authority Hong Kong over the past 25 years.

“Plaza Premium Group is a great example of a company that is constantly innovating and improving. Over the past 25 years of working together, Mr. and Ms. Song have continuously introduced new ways to make products better and services faster. Together, we will contribute to an ultimately better Paving the way for travel experiences.”

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In an impassioned speech, Plaza Premium Group founder and chief executive Song Hoi See said the company was willing to invest in such an ambitious project when the epidemic severely affected revenue.

“Originally we thought, well, COVID would last a year or a year and a half at most, but it took three years. It was very painful for the company because we lost about 95% of our revenue.”

He recalls that many people told him to leave the company to avoid serious damage. “But PPG can’t walk away because before COVID we had 5,000 employees working for us, many of them for over 20 years. It was built with their dedication, their hearts and their commitment, so there was no way for me to leave.”

Mr Song praised the Hong Kong Airport Authority for investing heavily in new facilities and services at Hong Kong International Airport, including a third runway, enabling the airport to eventually meet the needs of 120 million passengers. “Also look at the technology they’re introducing at every touchpoint at the airport … so that travelers enjoy more convenience and more comfort.”

Plaza Premium Group has responded in the same way, constantly improving its products and business model, he said. “Everyone knows PPG as a lounge operator, but we’ve evolved from a lounge operator to a hotel that provides Aerotel service, meet and greet, and catering (like Intervals). Why are we doing this? Because we’re trying to provide The airport provides 360° end-to-end services.”|

Song finally expressed his gratitude to the Hong Kong Airport Authority. “I have to thank HKIA for giving us this opportunity to expand ourselves. We started here and have flourished all over the world. But if HKIA hadn’t given me this opportunity, I wouldn’t be here to address everyone.”

PLaza Premum MM and Mr Song 2

Like a father, like a daughter: Martin Moodie chats with Hong Soi See and Song Mei Mei

PLaza Intervals MM and Mei Mei Song

Song Hoi See then told The Moody Davit Report (click the Moody Davitt Podcast above to listen to the full conversation) that the double celebration was especially meaningful given the dire challenges posed by the pandemic. “We’ve lost a lot of money … $125 million over three years during the pandemic,” he said.

“But I kept going. I have a commitment to my people and to the business, so we keep going because I believe travel will come back.”

Song highlighted the company’s revival, saying PPG now has 302 stores, driven by acquisitions, up from 168 before the pandemic, an increase that reflects his firm belief that the market will rebound strongly from its COVID-19 lows.

He also highlighted the importance and potential of Hong Kong International Airport. “There’s a reason why they’re spending so much money building a third runway and wanting to go from 70 million passengers to 120 million passengers,” he said, pointing to Hong Kong as a hub in China’s ambitious aviation development plans. The key hub has a core position. .

“Also, the Greater Bay Area has a population of 86 million and a GDP of US$2 trillion. This will create huge potential for future travel.” ✈

The FAB e-magazine is coming back

The Moodie Davitt Report is pleased to announce the return of the FAB eZine, an independent digital magazine dedicated to airport and other travel-related dining views, news, trends, tastes, people, products and principles.

Beginning in Q4 2023, the FAB eZine will initially report quarterly, with year-round coverage of the burgeoning airport food and beverage industry, including broader hospitality offerings such as hotels and lounges.

fab ezine dec 2019

The FAB eZine will continue to explore the evolution of the global travel-related catering industry, as we did in our 2019 field report in Houston, Texas. Click on the image to read it.

The FAB e-magazine will complement the annual Airport Catering (FAB) Conference and Awards, as well as our already extensive F&B and hospitality coverage on Moodie Davitt Report.com and the FAB newsletter.

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