“Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Fukuoka” The “Digital Tax Free Counter” that introduced the “Pie Systems” digital tax free system “PIE VAT” will open on Monday, August 14 | Pie Systems Japan Co., Ltd. Press Release

“Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Fukuoka” The “Digital Tax Free Counter” that introduced the “Pie Systems” digital tax free system “PIE VAT” will open on Monday, August 14 | Pie Systems Japan Co., Ltd. Press Release

We will centralize the tax-free procedures for foreign tourists visiting Japan at the stores in Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Fukuoka to reduce the workload of each store. In addition, visitors to Japan can shop tax-free without queuing at each store.

■ Benefits of “Digital Tax Free Counter” for commercial facility stores and tourists visiting Japan

1) Shop promotions

✔︎Expected to capture inbound demand and increase sales

In addition to being able to attract tourists visiting Japan through tax-free support, since goods purchased from multiple stores can be collectively handled at the counter,

You can look forward to shopping.

✔︎Shops selling low-priced products will also be exempt from duty

Even if the store does not reach the tax-exempt target amount (5,000 yen excluding tax), tax-free sales can be carried out by merging participating stores.


✔︎No need for complicated tax exemption procedures and work

Since Pie Systems handles the tax exemption application at the store on behalf of the store, there is no need to go through various application and tax exemption procedures at each store.

vinegar. In addition, there is no need to confirm tax-exempt status at the store or pack tax-free packages, and they can be sent to tourists visiting Japan through normal cash register processing.

Can be sold tax-free. It also avoids the situation where foreign tourists wait in line for tax-free procedures in the store.

vinegar. Stores that cannot support multiple languages ​​are also safe.

✔︎You can view and analyze the tax-free transaction data of your own store on the dashboard, and use it for storage measurement.

On the dashboard screen, participating stores can also view tax-free transaction details and data by the nationality of their store.

Therefore, it can be effectively used for entry measures. Data can also be downloaded.

✔︎Tax exemption can be obtained at low cost

Pie Systems’ “Digital Tax Free Counter” does not charge a fee for use inside the store.tax exemption procedure

Duty-free shop stickers, duty-free procedure instructions, required consumable packaging materials


2) benefits for tourists visiting Japan

✔︎Tax-free procedures can be done in one go, so you can use your stay time efficiently.

Purchases from multiple stores are batched at the counter, so you can shop without waiting at each store.

✔︎Purchases at multiple stores can add up and be tax-free.

Goods purchased in multiple stores can be accumulated tax-free, making it easier to reach the tax-free amount.

✔︎Tax-free procedures without contact (contactless)

Through the “PIE VAT” application, you can complete the tax exemption procedures without contact, safe and secure.

You can also check the status (progress) of the program in the app.

  ✔︎Cashless refund

Traditionally, refunds are made in cash (yen), but credit cards and the electronic payment service WeChat Pay,

You can receive digital refunds through PayPal and more.

  ✔︎ Secure internet connection while traveling

You can use the free Internet connection service in the “PIE VAT” application.


■ About “PIE VAT” and the digital tax-free counter “PIE VAT Station”

“PIE VAT” is a solution (app) that fully digitizes the VAT (Value Added Tax, an indirect tax equivalent to Japanese consumption tax) refund application process. We provide safe and convenient duty-free shopping experience for tourists visiting Japan. We are commissioned by commercial facilities (malls, etc.) to install and operate digital tax-free counters using PIE VAT.

Comment by Hiroshi Mizuno, CEO, Pie Systems Japan

We are pleased that Pie Systems’ “Digital Tax Free Counter” has been introduced to “Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Fukuoka”. Mitsui Fudosan Commercial Management Co., Ltd. has introduced “Digital Tax Free Counters” at “Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima/Kisarazu/Jazz Dream Nagashima”, “DiverCity Tokyo Plaza”, “RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK”, etc. Improved customer experience for visitors to Japan by reducing workload and efficiency at stores and minimizing waiting time at tax-free counters (calls after procedures are completed).

As the gateway to Asia, Fukuoka has long been a popular destination for Japanese tourists with direct flight connections to cities in Asia, and the number of tourists visiting Japan is steadily recovering. In addition, the World Swimming Championships held in Fukuoka in July this year has increased international recognition more than ever.

We believe that the setting of the “digital tax-free counter” is expected to further capture the demand for entry.

In addition to the electronic tax exemption service provided by “PIE VAT”, Pie Systems is also aiming to become a “travel platform” that connects inbound travelers and PIE VAT affiliated stores.

In addition to the current “PIE VAT” and free Internet connection services for tourists visiting Japan, Pie Systems will continue to expand regionally nationwide by capturing the needs of tourists visiting Japan under the mission of “Empowering Local Partner Globally”. Support your activation.

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■ About the “Pie Chart System”

A travel technology (Note 1) company established in the United States in 2018. We started offering services in Denmark and Norway in 2018 and entered the Japanese market in 2021. Under the motto “Enabling Local Partners Globally”, we support your global business by providing digital solutions for tax exemption procedures to connect businesses and travelers in every country and region.

Pie Systems aims to be a bridge between travelers and merchants (PIE VAT franchise stores), by solving various inconveniences in travel, expanding the capture of inbound demand for PIE VAT franchise stores, and providing a pleasant travel experience. Support this.

Note 1) Tourism technology: a combination of tourism and technology.

Businesses and programs that use technology to reduce hassle for travelers and facilitate seamless support

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