Ministry of Tourism launches more interesting, interactive website


DOT launches a more interesting website

MediumThey say the Philippines — On Tuesday, October 8, the Department of Tourism (DOT) launched a new website at the center: Make Lab in Escota, as part of DOT’s efforts to showcase and preserve the country’s natural heritage. The launch of the new website also aims to further enhance the travel experience of foreign and local tourists.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) and The Guide to the Philippines (GTTP) have formalized their partnership with the newly launched website, which allows users to book travel from DOT-approved travel agencies and tourism agencies. Photos during the official contract signing include (LR): DOT Assistant Secretary Howard Lance A. Uyking, GTTP General Manager Rabbi Vincent Ang, DOT Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat and Philippine Tourism Commission Chairman Jojo Clemente.

The new Department of Transportation website ( makes it easier for tourists to explore the Philippines’ 7,641 islands. With just one click, tourists can easily visit and learn about Philippine regions, plan and book trips through DOT-approved tourism agencies. The DOT also noted that the website is a timeless domain and is not tied to any government tourism campaign or slogan.

Philippine tourism website relaunched
Philippine tourism website relaunched

Transport Minister Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said: “We recognize the value of private sector participation and support, so we have made the site very inclusive. One of many efforts to provide good service.”

The actual travel booking system included on the site was launched in partnership with Guidetothephilippines (, which offers 500 of the best value travel products with statistics, as well as an in-depth online library of travel guides by destination, Helps travelers discover new destinations in the Philippines and connects tourists with DOT-approved travel agencies and tourism agencies.

one second.Uygin
one second.Uygin

As a long-term goal, the Department of Transport aims to embed the functionality of the booking system into its new website. Rabbi Vincent Ang, general manager of Guide Philippines, said the online platform not only showcases the country’s most popular destinations, but also lesser-known ones. She added that this is a real collaboration of local tourism stakeholders and will definitely make traveling to our country easier.

“The new website not only serves as a travel guide for tourists, but also symbolizes how the government and the business community can help each other to provide better services to tourists,” said Jose Clemente III, president of the Philippine Tourism Congress. Our People. The redesigned website has a new look and features three main tabs: View and Do; Where to Go; and Events and Festivals based on unique travel behaviors.

Vincent Unraby
Vincent Unraby


The “Watch & Do” tab contains six options: Diving, Nature, Sun and Beach, Adventure, Food and Hotels, and Activities and Culture. Clicking the button will direct the user to readily available travel destinations and activities.

At the same time, under the “Where to Go” tab, users can view the virtual map and learn basic information about 16 provinces, including routes, nearby places, places to stay, etc.

As our country is full of exciting events, there is also an ‘Events and Festivals’ tab providing visitors with guidance on dates, locations and routes as well as basic information about the event. It also informs visitors to wear culturally appropriate attire.

Howard Lance Uyking, Assistant Secretary of Tourism, said: “In the coming phase you can expect more enhanced graphics, visual effects, content and of course language translation options for different nationalities…we will Start with our top source markets.”


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