Mini Limited Edition of Tom Ford Beauty’s Popular Fragrance | Vogue Japan

Mini Limited Edition of Tom Ford Beauty’s Popular Fragrance | Vogue Japan

Since its launch in 2012, the perfume series “Tom Ford Private Blend” has continuously launched a variety of famous fragrances. From a unique collection of fragrances embodying the aesthetics and philosophy of the fashion brand TOM FORD, 5 carefully selected fragrances will be available in limited editions of 10ml on Friday, June 2, 2023.

Packaged in travel spray bottles for a cool and luxurious look, this particular collection comes in five particularly popular scents. With its great portability and size, it also has the added benefit of easily layering scents for “fragrance styling” on the go.

  • Neroli Portofino x Soleil Neige
    The sparkling citrus notes of Portofino Orange Blossom and the warmth of Soleil Neige Musk create an even more radiant freshness.
  • Agarwood x Lost Cherrywood
    Lost Cherry’s gorgeous, fruity sweetness intertwines with the aroma of Agarwood. Creates a charming and sophisticated impression.
  • Agarwood x Bitter Peach
    Intense grape fruit aromas blend with bold and refined woody notes to create a unique and vibrant expression.

“Private Blends is my personal olfactory laboratory,” says Tom Ford, “where I create highly original fragrances that challenge the rules of traditional fragrance making.” Not only can you use it as a single scent, but you can layer different Scent to open a new door.

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