Michelle Dy in swimwear in the Maldives


man in bikini forever Michelle Dee Hit the craze again with a sexy Maldives travel look. The influencer jetted off to summer paradise and immediately got her daily dose of a sea of ​​vitamins. Scroll through her swimsuit looks!

Watch: Michelle Dy’s Swimsuit OOTD in the Maldives

1. Michelle has actually patented the inverted bikini trend locally, and this time she rocked the look again with a lime green ensemble.

photographer Instagram/Michelle Dee

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2. To dip her toes in the water, the beauty guru opted for a cheerful butterfly-print two-piece. We’d have so much fun wearing such a cute OOTD too!

Michelle Day Maldives Bikini

photographer Instagram/Michelle Dee

3. Make sure to pack some neutral outfits too, as Michelle slipped into a chocolate brown guinea with a little extra cutout action below her abs. Hiss, hiss!

Michelle Day Maldives Bikini

photographer Instagram/Michelle Dee

4. Michelle had our jaws drop in this super high cut red bikini. If tying straps the normal way bores you, learn from her and tie a knot for a strapless look!

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