Mayor Baron Shah bans screening of Indian films in Kathmandu until controversial dialogue in Adipurush is removed | Kathmandu Tribune


Kathmandu City Mayor Barun Shah announced that from tomorrow, the city will stop showing Indian films. Mayor Barron said in a Facebook post on Sunday that all Indian films would be banned from theaters in the city until India removes the offensive dialogue in the film “Adipurush.”

In addition, Baron also wrote to the Ministry of Information Technology of India, urging them to resolve this issue with India at the diplomatic level. He stressed that allowing the film to be released in other parts of the country and abroad while banning it in this city would create misleading perceptions. Therefore, it has been decided to ban all Indian films from being screened in Kathmandu until the offensive parts of Adipurush are removed.

Barron’s also issued a warning that if the controversial parts are not removed within three days, the ban on Indian films will extend beyond the metropolis and apply to the entire region.


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