Man sentenced for drink driving in lower Salford injuring passenger

Man sentenced for drink driving in lower Salford injuring passenger

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NORRISTOWN – A Lower Providence man faces about six years of court supervision on charges of drugging and driving without a license in a crash in Lower Salford that left a passenger in his vehicle seriously injured.

Jordan Anthony Sims, 24, of the 600 block of South Park Avenue, was sentenced Friday in Montgomery County Court to about six months to 23 months in prison for driving without a warrant Get into an accident and drive while intoxicated. Controlled substances associated with the March 2021 accident.

Specifically, Sims was awarded while serving time in prison between April 28 and October 20, 2021, while awaiting court action on the charges.

Sims, who pleaded guilty to the charges last November, must also complete four years of probation after parole, meaning he will be under court supervision for about six years.

The sentence was based on an agreement negotiated by prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Judge Wendy G. Rothstein said Sims will be supervised for substance abuse disorder while on parole and probation. Sims also faces an 18-month suspension of his license.

“I know he’s very remorseful. He’s very remorseful,” defense attorney Michael Walker said after the hearing on Sims’ behalf. “It was a terrible accident. He’s very remorseful, he’s very lucky, he understands how lucky he is. Aside from being lucky that he didn’t kill her or himself, he’s very lucky with the agreement here because he could have been in the Many years in state prison. So he’s a lucky guy.”

The investigation began at around 4.24am on March 28, 2021, when Lower Salford Police received a report that a car had struck a man in the 700 block of Main Street in the Harleysville area of ​​the town. a telegraph pole.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Lower Salford Detective Sergeant Cory B. Moyer, arriving officers found an unconscious teenage female “partially in the driveway and partly in the vehicle on the passenger side” and Sims, who was tending to the girl. Sims told police he was the driver of the 1997 Ford F-350 tow truck and “he fell asleep before hitting the utility pole,” court documents show.

County detectives assisting with the investigation found that the trailing arm mechanism and support platform were separated from the truck body during the collision, and the truck cab was partially separated from the truck frame, according to court documents.

Sims and the teenage female were airlifted by medical helicopter to a Philadelphia-area hospital for their injuries.

The teenage woman underwent emergency surgery for a broken pelvis, two broken legs, brain damage and liver damage, according to the arrest affidavit.

Investigators found two empty wine bottles and a bottle of whiskey on the ground around the vehicle. A broken pipe, commonly used to smoke illegal drugs, was also found on the ground, police said.

Due to the severity of the accident and Sims’ injuries, an on-site sobriety test could not be performed.

According to the criminal complaint, when Sims was interviewed by detectives on March 29, he claimed he had not had any alcoholic beverages before the crash and that he fell asleep and woke up just before he hit the utility pole.

“Sims did tell me he had ingested marijuana and methamphetamines before the crash,” Moyer claimed. “Sims also told me he didn’t have auto insurance for the truck. Sims also told me his driver’s license was suspended for DUI.”

A check of Sims’ driving records revealed that his driver’s license was suspended/expired, police said.

Toxicology tests found traces of methamphetamine and amphetamine in Sims’ blood, according to court documents. Police charged Sims with “operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance to such an extent that he could not drive safely” and had his driver’s license suspended.

“As a result of Sims’ actions, he caused his vehicle to collide with a utility pole, causing serious injury to (the female passenger),” Moyer wrote in his arrest affidavit.

Sims was dismissed on other charges of careless driving, ignoring the lane and driving a vehicle without effective inspection and without the necessary financial responsibility.

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