Malaysian Hospitality Sends Tourist Into Tears, Says Malaysians Are Lovely And Kind People

Malaysian Hospitality Sends Tourist Into Tears, Says Malaysians Are Lovely And Kind People

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Rich in history and rich in culture – there is never a dull moment for the curious traveler traveling through Malaysia.

As a Twitter user highlighted @luxentXYoutubers Jay and Jon share their experiences in Malaysia and what made the trip truly memorable.

On Twitter, @luxentX said:

I love watching videos of tourists visiting Malaysia. The couple took the train to Kelantan and were overwhelmed by the kindness of the people on the train. Generally speaking, Malaysians are nice to tourists (especially if you are white).

@luxentX via Twitter

we agree!

Malaysians have always been known for their hospitality and rich culture and history.

Also, we have never disappointed any traveler with the variety of food we offer.

In the nine-minute video uploaded to YouTube, the couple, known as Bucket List Travelers, recounted their experience traveling the states by train in Malaysia and their experiences with the locals.

In this Malaysia vlog we will show you how to travel around Malaysia by train. We provide everything you need to know about train travel in Malaysia, including train costs in Malaysia, train amenities in Malaysia, how to book trains in Malaysia, and Malaysia travel tips so you can plan an amazing trip to Malaysia for yourself!

bucket list traveler

Their journey begins in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, showing the number of stops and experiences they have made on the KTM train.

Along the way, the couple will also be able to experience the culture, life, history and people of places like Kuala Krai, Tabang, Gua Musang and Kuala Lipis Pahang.

About six minutes into the video, the couple talked about a nice man who was handing out fish satay on the train and gave the couple a few.

The kindness of Malaysian people always amazes me. People just come to us and start talking and talking, and before you know it, we’re getting some food, which is really good. Really overwhelmed by the friendliness of Malaysians.

Jon, Bucket List Traveler

Jon, who was moved to tears, added that it was an unexpected joy for the couple to meet so many friendly locals during their trip.

A group of curious primary school students practiced English with us and had a great time. They didn’t want us to leave and I had to say goodbye at least three times before we got out of the car.

Jon, Bucket List Traveler

When asked by his partner, Jay, how he was feeling, Jon added that he felt fine, especially since Malaysians constantly managed to surprise and humble him from time to time.

The people are just so lovely. Always welcomes you with open arms and gives you lots of food. I guess it’s a love language. The Malaysian love language is giving food.

Jon, Bucket List Traveler

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