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Malaysia and the Philippines celebrate 60 years of bilateral relations.Putrajaya and Manila look to boost tourism, trade

Published on: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Author: Nico Fabian

Malaysian Ambassador to the Philippines Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino (left), BEBC Sabah Cross-Border Barter Deputy Advisor Razanah Paimin.

Kota Kinabalu: As Malaysia and the Philippines celebrate the 60th anniversary of bilateral relations in May, the two countries are expected to carry out more interactions and projects in areas such as business, digitalization and people-to-people relations. Malaysia and the Philippines continue to strengthen ties, with a key area of ​​cooperation emerging in the form of food tourism.


He said this focus was particularly important given the shared cultural and culinary history between the two countries, as well as the booming halal market, which is expected to be worth a staggering $7.7 trillion by 2025. Thi’s residence said the initiative had already begun. “This event showcases the rich and diverse halal cuisine of both countries and highlights the potential for food tourism to flourish,” the ambassador told reporters in Manila. Malik has been advocating for greater focus on Muslim gastronomy tourism and sees this as an area ripe for cooperation between Malaysia and the Philippines.


He also expanded Malaysia’s aid to Manila to tap into the lucrative halal market. During the recent Hari Raya celebrations, he highlighted the Malaysian Embassy’s collaboration with the Philippine Department of Tourism to host a unique cultural and gastronomic event, further highlighting the deep-rooted ties and shared history between the two countries.


He pointed out that food tourism has the potential to create jobs and support small and medium-sized enterprises and will play an important role in future cooperation. Malik said the future of food tourism between Malaysia and the Philippines is indeed promising, with the increased number of flights and improved connectivity leading to more cultural and culinary exchanges. “As more Malaysians become aware of the vibrant halal tourism industry in destinations such as Zamboanga City, Davao Region and Cagayan de Oro, the foundation is laid for a fruitful partnership,” the ambassador said. Sabah BEBC cross-border barter trade deputy adviser Razanah Paimin expressed optimism about strengthening trade and tourism exchanges between Malaysia and the Philippines. Previously, Malaysia recently intended to increase flights to the Philippines, especially Mindanao, a move that has been highly praised and welcomed by the people of the two countries. Last week, Malaysian Ambassador to the Philippines Datuk Abdul Malik Melvin Castellino announced that Malaysia is very interested in establishing more flights to the Philippines, especially to the Mindanao region. This initiative comes in response to the growing recognition among Malaysians of the potential of the Philippines’ vibrant halal tourism industry. The ambassador highlighted the growing demand for flights to Mindanao, with destinations such as Zamboanga City and Davao Region offering abundant attractions. Cagayan de Oro is considered an attractive gateway to Northern Mindanao and is known for its diverse natural beauty and beach destinations. Razana echoed these sentiments, expressing a desire to strengthen ties between the two countries. “SCBTA also hopes that AirAsia and Philippine Airlines (PAL) will be able to operate more flights to the Philippines, especially the Mindanao region, in the near future,” she said. The ambassador also highlighted the potential of Muslim gastronomic tourism as something the two countries can further focus on field of. He said Malaysia was willing to help Manila tap into the multi-billion dollar halal market, which is expected to be worth $7.7 trillion by 2025. There will be more interactions and projects between the two governments, especially in the fields of business, digitalization and people-to-people relations. This initiative to strengthen connectivity and trade is a promising step towards stronger alliances and mutual growth. BEBC Sabah therefore welcomes more flights to Mindanao, signaling optimism for the future of Malaysia-Philippine relations.

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