Malaysia Healthcare emphasises need for preventive healthcare across borders


Malaysia Healthcare has been advocating a shift from curative care to preventive care, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

It has launched a new Advanced Wellness Plan, an industry-wide collaboration between the country’s private hospitals, hospitality and travel companies, to combine comprehensive health screenings, world-class accommodation and leisure travel products into one catering In the comprehensive premium package for the healthcare traveler.

Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, CEO of the Malaysia Healthcare Tourism Council (MHTC), said: “Malaysia Healthcare Corporation warmly welcomes healthcare travelers, especially health and wellness enthusiasts eager to seek preventive healthcare and wellness treatments, to take advantage of the programme.” “In addition to wellness screenings based on age, gender and current health status, patients can also choose to add dental, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, as well as more targeted screenings for diseases such as hepatitis C, cancer and heart-related diseases.”

Malaysia has a strong reputation as a tourism and healthcare destination, attracting 1.06 million European tourists and 1.22 million healthcare tourists in 2019. It provides specific treatments in cardiology, oncology, fertility, orthopedics, neurology, and aesthetics, such as bariatric treatments, dental treatments, and other services.

The country has more than 250 medical institutions regulated by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) and recognized globally. Prices are regulated, with the Ministry of Health monitoring the maximum rates for healthcare treatments, so healthcare travelers can rest assured that the treatments they choose are reasonably priced.

Earlier this year, ITIJ investigated the travel insurance market in Malaysia and its development.


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