MACAU DAILY TIMES Macau Daily Times Guangdong’s travel permit appointments for SARs reach historical high

timehe The number of entry and exit documents in Guangdong hit a record high, and the number of visa appointments for Hong Kong and Macau in Zhuhai was overwhelming.

The entry-exit management department of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau revealed that due to the surge in the number of entry-exit documents across Guangdong this summer, the permit system is under enormous pressure.

According to Hong Kong’s China News Agency, the department stated that the number of Hong Kong and Macau endorsement appointments in the next 10 working days is “overwhelming”.

Chinese tourists can apply for the Hong Kong and Macau Exit Permit in two ways: manual application and direct application through 24-hour self-service machines.

If you cannot meet the self-service application requirements, you need to submit an application through the office.

However, the visa application quota in Zhuhai has been full for weeks.

Since the resumption of entry and exit documents nationwide in January this year, the total number of entry and exit applications has remained high.

The bureau asked passengers who had no travel plans to postpone their appointments.

According to the latest data from the Statistics and Census Service, the total number of tourist arrivals in June was 2,209,662.

Visitors from the nine Pearl River Delta cities in the Greater Bay Area increased by 186% year-on-year to 709,047, of which Zhuhai (192,324) accounted for 27.1% and Guangzhou (155,285) accounted for 21.9%.

In June, visitor arrivals by land totaled 1,695,178, a year-on-year increase of 370.1%. Among them, 48.6% entered through the border checkpoint (823,029 people). Journalist

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