Lukas Gage starts a group chat with Molly Shannon and former NXIVM members

lucas gage

you and white lotus star luke gage appeared in jimmy kimmel live last week and shared his obsession with reality television.

while filming the first season white lotus In Hawaii, Gage bonded with fellow stars Jennifer Coolidge and Molly Shannon over a shared obsession with reality TV, including “90 day fiancé, love after confinement, vows, NXIUM sect. “

The latter is more of a documentary, and as Kimmell points out, Gage laughs.

“I guess it’s a documentary and it actually happened.” But regardless, Gage and Shannon in particular “really bonded over that show.”

Gage then contacted NXIVM and some former members of NXIVM 90 day fiancé And started some group chats, which also included Shannon.

“How do you create a text chain with a sex cult member?” Kimmel asked.

“I’m just saying I’m a huge fan and it’s so brave of them to make this show.”

“You could be putting America’s treasures at risk,” Kimmell said with a laugh.

We can only imagine what Gage and Shannon were talking about in these group chats.but we do know that darcy and stacey are from 90 day fiancé is a fan. “love yesor In Season 4, they were my only fans,” Gage said, calling them his hype women. “I needed them to find love, and I was invested. “

Gage also talked about watching the second season white lotusshoot new season you in London, and believes his uneven brows contributed to the Botox accident.

Watch the full clip below:

Lukas Gage on Filming ‘White Lotus,’ Joining the NXIVM Cult Group Chat, and His Botox Accident

What is Lucas Gage known for?

He is best known for his role in happiness, white lotusand you.

Did Lucas Gage get the role?

Gage went viral in 2020 after a producer forgot he wasn’t muted and smashed up his apartment during a Zoom call. He didn’t get the gig, but that rejection led to him being cast on Euphoria.

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