Love to travel but hate crowds?Here’s Why Mongolia Is The Perfect Destination For Introverts

Once tourists travel to Mongolia’s vast countryside, they can better understand Mongolia’s diverse fauna. To the north is the Altay-Sayan Mountains, home to animals such as snow leopards, reindeer, and Siberian musk deer; while the Gobi region of Central Asia is home to Gobi bears, Bactrian camels, donkeys, and the once extinct Przewalski’s wild horse (a species native to wild species in Mongolia).

To get a glimpse of these horses, known locally as “takhi horses,” one must head to Hustai National Park in central Mongolia, where nearly 400 horses are still thriving after a handful were reintroduced to the region in the 1990s. . Keep an eye out for the breed’s characteristic white underbelly, and don’t be surprised if they come close—the lack of visitors keeps them from being afraid of humans.

Other parts of Mongolia are also rich in fauna, even in the vast Gobi desert. In fact, if you’re heading to the region in the spring, keep an eye out for migratory birds such as Siberian cranes, which often stop at desert oases on their way from Russia to China.

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