(Love of JAL Hometown Ambassador/Support Team) Mie’s charm is not only food and world heritage!Enjoy the beautiful nature while enjoying sports Ise-Shima Caspian Triathlon 2023-Travel Observation


We asked JAL hometown ambassadors about local initiatives. The interviewees were Manami Tonegawa and Naoko Wakasugi, ambassadors of JAL Hometown in the Chubu region.

JAL, which has bases all over the country, has been continuing to implement regional revitalization work (currently the “JAL Hometown Project”), and in August 2020, flight attendants selected through internal recruitment will be transferred to the local area. In addition, the “JAL Hometown Project” was launched. In order to promote initiatives in each region, in December of the same year, the “JAL Hometown Support Team” was appointed as a “Hometown Ambassador” who participated in regional revitalization activities on board. The aim is to use the knowledge accumulated as a flight attendant to develop products and solve regional problems for the hometown and connected areas.

We interviewed Manami Tonegawa and Naoko Wakasugi, JAL hometown ambassadors, who participated in the Ise-Shima Caspian Triathlon in the Chubu region.

——Please tell us about your initiative.

As JAL hometown ambassadors for the Chubu region, we are responsible for the five prefectures of the Chubu region: Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka, and Nagano, and participate in events in each region.

In March 2021, Shima City, Mie Prefecture and Japan Airlines signed a partnership agreement to strengthen mutual cooperation and smoothly promote regional revitalization. Our goal is to use the material, human and intellectual resources of each region to revitalize the entire region.

In 2021, we will deliver products full of the charm of Shima to your home in JAL Online Travel Shima Edition, share the charm of Shima with the locals, so that you can enjoy the travel feeling of online delivery.

This time, the JAL Hometown Ambassador participated in the Ise-Shima Caspian Triathlon Championships and contributed to the tourism promotion and regional revitalization of Shima City.


——How are you involved in this work?

The “Ise-Shima Caspian Triathlon 2023” held on July 2 is the 10th competition to commemorate this year. The start and end points are the special venues at Oyamahama Beach in Shima City, Mie Prefecture.

Oyamahama Beach is the beach with the cleanest water quality in Ise-Shima Prefecture, and has been awarded the highest water quality grade “AA”. The beach facing Ago Bay is a beach with calm waves and a beautiful contrast between the blue sky and the sand.

This year’s competition includes a 10km running segment, a 2km swimming segment and a 45km cycling segment, with a total of 716 participants.

We, JAL Hometown Ambassadors, welcome runners with tape at the finish line and help hand out medals and prizes at the awards ceremony. Thanks to the support along the way and the participation of many volunteers, we were able to deepen exchanges with the people of Shima City and make the event more exciting.


——Please tell us about the future development and prospects.

We will continue to participate in various events in Mie Prefecture and the Chubu area, and carry out activities to convey the charm of the area to as many people as possible.

——Please leave a message for the traveler.

Shima City also has highly transparent sea water and beautiful white sandy beaches, and is home to Goza-Shirahama Beach, one of the Top 100 Beaches certified by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. Shima is a place where you can enjoy sports and leisure in a great location, and it is a place you must visit in the coming season!

Currently, we are implementing “Ise-Shima National Park Relaxing Life Tour” in Nikko’s hometown Onwanwari, which allows you to travel to Shima City, Mie Prefecture at a discounted price. You can use designated accommodation facilities in Shima City at a reasonable price. Why not take this opportunity to enjoy a trip to Ise-Shima? We look forward to your visit.


Shima city coast


Admire the beauty of Ago Bay from the famous Yokoyama Observatory


Ago Bay Sea Kayaking


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