Lonely Planet announced “Best in Travel 2022” Shikoku is also a must-see TRAICY



Lonely Planet has released this year’s list of “Best Travels 2022” countries, cities and regions.

The top 10 countries by country are Cook Islands, Norway, Mauritius, Belize, Slovenia, Anguilla, Oman, Nepal, Malawi and Egypt.

The top ranked cities are Auckland (New Zealand), Taipei (Taiwan), Freiburg (Germany), Atlanta (USA), Lagos (Nigeria), Nicosia (Cyprus), Dublin (Ireland), Merida ( Mexico) and Florence (Italy)., Gyeongju (Korea).

West Fjords (Iceland), West Virginia (USA), Sishuangbanna (China), Kent Heritage Coast (UK), Puerto Rico, Shikoku (Japan), Atacama Desert (Chile), Scenic Area (Australia), Vancouver Island (Canada) and Burgundy (France) rounded out the top ten.

Since 1973, Lonely Planet has published more than 145 million travel guides, covering 221 countries.


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