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“Let’s Travel Experience” and outing information site “Let’s Enjoy Tokyo” jointly launch special travel pages for Korea and Singapore- Japan News

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The travel experience booking service “Lotte Travel Experience” operated by the Lotte Group and the outing information site “Let’s Enjoy Tokyo” operated by Let’s Enjoy Tokyo Co. jointly opened a special page promoting travel in Korea and Singapore. Co., Ltd. “Korea and Singapore” (URL: has been released.

This special page is the first overseas travel special page of “Let’s Enjoy Tokyo” and publishes outing information in the Tokyo metropolitan area. With the recovery of demand for outbound travel, the two sides agreed to jointly promote outbound travel. This dedicated page on the Let’s Enjoy Tokyo website features model routes created by Rakuten Travel Sightseeing Experience as well as the best plans to get the most out of your travels. All eligible packages are booked through Rakuten Tours Experience, and users with a Rakuten ID can use “Rakuten Points”* at the time of payment, or receive 1 “Rakuten Point” for every 100 yen (excluding tax) spent “. Points can be earned.

Korea consists of a 3-day, 2-night demonstration course that includes plans such as restaurants where you can taste local cuisine, the world’s largest theme park, a cruise where you can enjoy the night view of the capital Seoul, and rental of national costumes. In Singapore, there are river cruises that take a traditional “small boat” to visit sightseeing spots, rooftop observation decks that offer a panoramic view of Singapore, etc., a mode that allows you to efficiently enjoy representative spots in 2 days and 1 night A huge botanical garden. Introduce the course. Users can choose their favorite plans from various demonstration routes, and enter the “Lotte Travel Experience” from the special page to make reservations easily. In addition, this feature page introduces various individual plans such as travel and leisure tickets that can be used in Korea and Singapore.

“Rakuten Tours Experience” and “Let’s Enjoy Tokyo” jointly released a special page (URL: We plan to gradually expand the number of programs listed on the Korea and Singapore special pages.

In the future, Lotte Travel Experience will continue to expand the scope and types of services to further improve the convenience of passengers.

(Note) “Rakuten Points” can be used starting from 100 points.

■ About “Lotte Travel Tourist Experience”
This is a travel experience booking site for individual travelers that can book theme park tickets, local tours, restaurants, etc. in Japan and abroad. With the mission of “making travel arrangements easy and helping people find unforgettable travel experiences at home and abroad”, we aim to provide everyone with a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
“Rakuten Travel Experience”:

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About the hiking information site “Let’s Enjoy Tokyo”
Let’s Enjoy Tokyo Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Metro jointly operate a hiking information site for Tokyo and the three prefectures. We provide opportunities to make your trip in Tokyo more enjoyable by introducing various attractions of Tokyo such as “events”, “gourmet”, “leisure”, and “entertainment”.


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