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In the market for a new four-legged buddy? You may find your unicorn on our sister site, sports horse country. To aid in the search, we will curate the current listing on EN. We include provided ad copy; click-through links to videos, pricing and contact information.

Baby has a fever? Don’t worry—we’re not talking goo-goo gah-gah, spitting up, filling diapers, and sleep deprivation. We’re talking about baby ponies, from ponies still in the womb to four-year-old future superstars. Coincidentally, all four of the horses we feature this week are Irish: three Connemaras (gestational age, four-year-old and four-year-old) and one Irish sport foal. squeak! Come take a look.

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Connemara Sport Horse In Utero TBS Declan Pondi x Flexible x Grange Finn Sparrow

The 2023 Connemara Sport Horse foal was bred in womb by race and foxhunt stallions *TBS Declan Pondi and Brambleridge Reflexion (Flexible x Sparrow’s Tiptoes x *Grange Finn Sparrow).

The foal should have a friendly temperament and be a super athlete capable of leaping fences. Ideal young man with an aspiring AA or a professional looking to move up the level.

Declan has successfully competed against his AA owners at the training level with multiple victories, mainly in dressage in the 20’s. He hasn’t been shown much over the past few years, but has been finishing in ribbons and generally topping the leaderboards at the GDCTA, Area III Triathlon and USEA/ACPS Connemara HOTY awards. He is a sensible, helpful pony and carries his legacy on.

Brambleridge Reflexion, ‘Pippi’, had the unfortunate career of being cut short by an injury to her first foal. Her full brother Brambleridge Flex Ability will join Advanced rider Katlyn McMorris Fletcher in three events in Australia. Clearly, her father, Flexible, needs no introduction – most people know the story of the little jumping powerhouse and his fairy tales at the Olympics and World Cup. Flexible’s father, Cruising, is internationally renowned for having bred some of the finest triathletes and show jumpers in the world, with descendants often competing for multiple teams at the Olympics or 5* events around the world. Pippi’s mare *Grange Finn Sparrow is herself the sire of a prolific triathlon and sporthorse with 5* horse Sparrow’s Nio and many other senior triathlons.

This foal should mature in the 15.2-15.3 hd range and will be a strong player on the fence.

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ISH Filly traditionally bred by Flagmount’s Freedom x Grange Finn Sparrow

BRS Flagmount’s Kestrel – 2022 Buckskin (Gray) Traditionally bred Irish sporting damsel with successful race and showhorse bloodlines.

She was bred by Flagmount King’s RID x TB stallion Flagmount’s Freedom, an Irish draft stallion with an international reputation for his showmanship. Flagg competed in his early teens and holds the intermediate/*** level triathlon record. He has proven himself to be a steady producer of senior event horses, many competing against their AA owners in junior and intermediate competition. At least one of his descendants has progressed. Recently, his young birds have been cleaning up on the FEH track in the Midwest.

Kestrel’s dam is RID stallion *Winmaur Sargent Pepper, which was exported back to the UK. He and his father, Snowford Bellman, both competed in dressage and high jump. The line was spoken by Skippy, best known for breeding prolific eventing stallion Jumbo. Jumbo is the leading ‘all-weather father’ of British eventing horses and mares. He has 5* horses including Headley Brittania, Avebury, Mr. Chunky and Jollybo. Kestrel’s mother is the granddaughter of *Grange Finn Sparrow, a very famous Connemara stallion who has sire numerous ponies and colt crossbred racehorses including 5* horse Sparrow’s Nio. Other premium horses include Windswept, Meadow Sparrow, Wil’Ya Love Me and Galway Blazer. There are too many people participating in the junior and intermediate competitions. Despite the relatively small number of foals bred in the United States, he had a huge impact on the sport of triathlon, which we specialize in.

With ground coverage, effortless gallop and a high trot, the Kestrel pushes well from behind. She has clean, straight limbs, well set neck, good length bridle and strong hindquarters. We expect her to mature around 16 hands. She is level headed and easy to handle. Her full sister was purchased by a syndicate of 5* rider Allie Sacksen.

This filly shows a lot of potential athletically and has the temperament to be suitable for an aspiring AA or a professional looking to advance her level.

She will be ready to move to her new home this fall. We teach all of our foals how to lead, tie and load before handing over to their new owners.

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The potential is endless!Oversized imported Connemara pony

Finnegan 4 years old 15h purebred Connemara import. He’s ready to go in any direction. Don’t let his age fool you, Finn is an old soul in a young model. He never made any mistakes and took every request that came his way. Finn loves attention, grooming, kissing and is truly a barn favorite. His sweet face and long eyelashes will melt your heart. He wants to please his rider and is very easygoing. His unique dark gray color will make you stand out in the ring. It was a joy to work on the ground and in the saddle with a very helpful attitude. Bravery and brilliance over the fence in textbook form. Finn has started slowly but correctly. Lots of trail riding, hacking, bareback riding and off-roading…he loves it all. Just entered his first 3 stage last weekend and finished with a dressage score of 22.7! No vices, easy going goalie, everything UTD, fully vetted with x-rays before import, located outside of Cleveland, Ohio.


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Quiet and talented 4 year old Connemara gelding

‘Gold to Blue Fritz Cracker’ is a 4 year old 15.1 hour Irish Connemara gelding. He’s one of the quietest, most relaxed 4 year olds we’ve ever met and nothing stops him. Over the past few months he has slowly but surely grown up in Ireland with the Gold to Blue team and is getting ready for his new adventure in the US.
He’s easy and simple on the flats and the fences, absolutely loves XC and hacking the bike on the road alone or with friends. Will start his competitive career in Ireland with my team until sold.

Prices are in the low to mid $5 range (all import costs are included), and I offer a 30-day happiness guarantee on every Gold to Blue horse.

Comes with a full set of X-rays and a 5-stage review.

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