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In a year of significant tourism recovery, Ogilvy Singapore has released its 2023 Travel Trends Report. As the world begins a new chapter in travel, this comprehensive report reveals 21 dynamic trends, experiences and connections that shape the way we travel.

Ogilvy Singapore recognizes the need to explore these shifts and has published a remarkable shift taking place in the travel industry. The Travel Trends Report goes beyond convention to reveal not just what’s happening, but why and how. Each trend presents new opportunities to redefine the travel experience and offers insights into the changing desires and preferences of the modern explorer.

Kunal Jeswani, Group CEO, Ogilvy Singapore and Malaysia, said: “Our team’s passion for travel and curiosity about the changing landscape has driven us to uncover these fascinating trends. With this report, we aim to Provide a roadmap to navigate the ever-evolving world of travel and find new ways to meaningfully connect with consumers.”

The report explores the intricate interplay of regional and international trends and paints a comprehensive picture of how they affect global travel dynamics. Many businesses across industries target travelers.

Shirley Tay, Chief Client Officer, Ogilvy Singapore, said: “Travel is no longer just a destination; The ‘how’ also delve into the ‘why’, revealing the motivations behind these trends.”

Ogilvy’s Singapore Travel Trends 2023 report answers thought-provoking questions, including how the modern traveler finds inspiration, the emergence of new travel experiences, the evolution of travel planning strategies and changing patterns of booking preferences. Ogilvy hopes it will provide clients and industry professionals with some new information and some fresh perspectives.

Dive deep into Ogilvy’s 2023 Singapore Travel Trends Report and join conversations exploring the future of travel. Download your copy here.


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