Leading Bhutan Tour Operator Launches Bhutan Travel Guide to Make Travel Bhutan Easier

Leading Bhutan Tour Operator Launches Bhutan Travel Guide to Make Travel Bhutan Easier

National Monument Stupa, Thimphu, Bhutan

“We want our clients to be actively involved in their trip planning because they know best what works for them and what doesn’t,” said Lakey Wangmo, co-founder of

While Bhutan is mainly known for its breathtaking beauty, there is much more for tourists to do than soak up its incredible splendor. Now, tourists will no longer be at the mercy of various Bhutan travel agencies as they will have access to an upcoming Bhutan travel guide by leading Bhutan travel agency to help them design their own itineraries.

Visitors to Bhutan can enter the country via the only airport located in the scenic Paro Valley (45 minutes’ drive from the capital Thimphu), or by road through the town of Phuntsholing on the border with the Indian state of West Bengal.

Visitors flying into the country can enjoy stunning aerial views of snow-capped peaks jutting out of a sea of ​​clouds as the plane approaches pine-dotted mountains in wide valleys with gleaming water bands and ancient fortresses.

According to all tour operators in Bhutan, Paro is one of the most visited towns in Bhutan and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the valley is Taktshang or Tiger Den Monastery. After a rather long climb, the monastery sits on a steep rocky cliff.

A giant Buddha with a kind smile welcomes visitors to the capital Thimphu, a town without skyscrapers or traffic lights. In addition to several important and beautiful ancient monasteries, Bhutan’s peculiar national animal, the takin, is said to have the head of a goat and the body of a cow to be seen at the National Zoo. Thimphu’s bars and cafes are a great place to interact with the town’s locals, while also dotted with handicraft shops.

The peak tourist season in Bhutan coincides with the annual Caichu Festival in the two towns. The colorful festival is a religious event attended by the locals in large numbers, and it is also a good tourist attraction.

Visitors can also head to Punakha, a 2-hour drive from Thimphu, home to the most beautiful fort of all the forts in the country and home to the most recent royal wedding, on an island at the confluence of two rivers.

Phobika Valley, an hour’s drive from Punakha, is famous for winter visits of the endangered and sacred black-necked cranes migrating from Tibet, while Gangte Gompa, an important religious center, is a must-see for most tourists place. Cranes are known to circle the monastery three times as they descend, and leave in summer.

Bumthang (sometimes translated as one hundred thousand meadows) is also popular in the Bhutan tourism category because of its gorgeous flat valleys that look like Impressionist paintings. The town has a rich religious heritage and mythology, including the sacred Mebartsho (burning lake). It is also known for its local products such as cheese and honey.

Trongsa is a town on the way to Bumthang with a breathtaking dzong and a watchtower on a hill that houses a monarchy museum and houses the Raven Crown.

The eastern part of the country is largely unexplored by tourists, but still very exotic. Trashigang is a quaint town close to several tourist attractions such as a monastery and an area known for its weaving and sugar cane products.

From here, it is also possible to reach the mysterious villages of Merak and Sakteng, which were recently opened to tourists and Bhutanese tour operators after decades of isolation. The semi-nomadic inhabitants of the region have always lived a life free from modern pollution and have a unique and fascinating culture.

Trashiyangtse, near the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, is known for the Chorten Kora (a white stupa modeled after the Nepalese Bodhunath) and other places of religious significance.

Visitors can choose from a variety of activities such as bird watching, hiking, rafting, experiencing religious festivals and monasteries, and the famous and difficult Yeti hike, which takes visitors to the highest, most isolated, and most spectacular places they have ever been, right here. at the foot of the mountain. Mount Jomolhari is 4000 meters above sea level.

Ideally, the various Bhutan travel packages can only come in a bespoke form, as there is something for everyone in Bhutan, from adventure to spiritual, from nature lovers to cultural connoisseurs, just immerse yourself in the Synonymous with happiness, there must be satisfaction people call it “the experience of a lifetime”.


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