Launched frozen ramen vending machine “Noodle Tours” at Aso Kumamoto Airport. Ramen Bali Man / Tsujita / Ramen Hayashida / Royal Road House / Raijin – Travel Watch

Installation of Frozen Ramen Vending Machine “Noodle Tours” at Aso Kumamoto Airport New Terminal

Maruyama Seimen will install a frozen ramen vending machine “Noodle Tours” at the new passenger terminal of Aso Kumamoto Airport (1802-2 Otani, Masaki-cho, Kami-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture) on March 23, and it will open on March 23.

“Noodle Tours” sells frozen ramen collaboration products using soup made by ramen shops nationwide and noodles made by Maruyama Seimen. Just put the soup in hot water, cook the noodles, and you can enjoy ramen from all over the country at home. Since starting service in March 2021, we’ve partnered with 25 ramen shops, installed 177 locations, and sold over 500,000 meals. In addition, the installation at the airport and the extension to Kumamoto are both first attempts.

The sale time is from 6:30 to 21:30, and the price is 1,000 yen. Products sold are Ramen Bali Otoko “Bari Otoko Ramen (Special Karabana)”, Tsujita “Rich Tsukemen”, Ramen Hayashida “Soy Sauce Ramen”, “Bai Fat Soy Sauce Ramen (Noodle Quantity)”), supervised by Chiba ramen shop Oudouya “Iekei Ramen” and Raijin “Raijin Gyoza (25 pieces)”.


Noodles, soups, and ingredients are frozen and solidified


Installation diagram of Noodle Tours vending machine


New passenger terminal installed at “Aso Kumamoto Airport”


“Noodle Tour” Participating Ramen Shops

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