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Launch of jewelry brand “NIL SANDA jewelry” using lunar natural gemstones symbolizing blue and femininity in Sri Lanka | NIL SANDA press release

Launch of jewelry brand “NIL SANDA jewelry” using lunar natural gemstones symbolizing blue and femininity in Sri Lanka | NIL SANDA press release

overall brand identity

NIL SANDA means “Blue Moon” in Sinhala. A “blue moon” is sometimes called a blue moon, as is the second full moon of the month. On average, a blue moon is a rare phenomenon, seen only once every two to three years.

The moon is well known for its association with a woman’s physical and mental balance, and new moons can be highly sensitive and irritable. On the other hand, the full moon boosts the spirit and increases the number of mothers, which is widely circulated among obstetricians and gynecologists.

In this way, the relationship between celestial bodies and human beings is inseparable. In ancient times, man was an animal. The animal is a fish. Ocean tides are caused by the moon’s gravitational pull. The moon’s gravity pulls the water toward the moon. High tides occur when seawater is drawn in, and low tides occur when there is less seawater.

When we came to the ground to find food and walked on our feet, we forgot that we lived in the ocean during our evolutionary stage.

However, as mentioned above, we are reminded that the human and celestial bodies are closely linked through life events such as childbirth and the death of those close to us.

In this jewelry brand, we use the blue color of sapphires, which are abundant in Sri Lanka. The color of the sea and sky is more beautiful than anything else, hoping to help women find inner peace. I decided to name it “Blue Moon”, always by your side.

We named the jewelry of “NIL SANDA” “Ambivalence Jewelry” and the jewelry that looks ephemeral but full of strong charm “Ambivalence Jewelry”. It is my hope that all those who strive hard will recognize their “strong and weak” selves and wear this medal as proof that they love themselves more than anyone else.

Features of our products

The current lineup is

A ring called Sulanga, which means wind

top left photo

Sulanga Ring: Set of 2 Aquamarine and Pink Tourmaline (Customized)

Sulanga Ring: Paraiba Tourmaline (Custom)
Sulanga ring: UV color-changing garnet (mint green garnet)[customized]
Sulanga Ring: Moonstone / Full Moon on Finger (Customized)

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A ring called Mala, which means a big flower

top left photo

Ring of Mara: A blue sapphire like a large flower (pictured right is worn)
Ring of Mara: Amethyst Like a Large Flower

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A necklace called Hadavata, which means heart

photo on the left

Hadavata Pendant: Angelite and Key Motif Choker
Hadavata Pendant: Freshwater Pearl and Madonna with Child Cameo Medal

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The earring Ghoomar is named after the whirling dance

Pictured are Ghoomar earmuffs: Multiply and Equal 2-piece set

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A bracelet called Tayi (Thailand), which means to tie

photo on the left

Taiyi Bracelet “The God of Love Calls Victory” Black Cross and Ruby (Made-to-Order)
Tayi Bracelet “Thoughtful Maiden/Contemplation” White Cross & Tsobolite (Customized)

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There will be more changes in the future.

Jewelry is meant to be an ethical item of fashion, so once purchased, it tends to become a long-term relationship. Of course, this is a design based on that, and on top of that, we come up with something that is universal and suitable for us people living in the modern age.

The day’s work, the time spent with the family, the clothing and body fighting against life, it’s all about identifying you as a partner with a special presence in your heart, and that faint tropical breeze asking you seems to disappear. This is the designer’s message that when you really can’t take it, you can throw everything away and remember it’s a place to escape.

About “NIL SANDA Jewelry”

Established in December 2021. As a preparatory stage, we carried out test sales in the form of order sales on crowdfunding sites such as MAKUAKE, and grasped the characters and market trends.

We recommend jewelry as your trusted companion to keep your heart strong.

We only sell things that are “not needed in life” but “needed by the soul”. In the future, we plan to develop miscellaneous goods such as sachets.


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Designer profile

Hiroko Yamauchi

Born in Xiaguan City in 1972. He started learning the violin and other musical instruments at the age of 4 and spent a childhood full of music. As a young man fond of illustration, design and clothing, he decided to become a graphic designer as a career to fully realize his ambitions. After moving to Tokyo and working at a publishing company and an advertising agency, he became independent in April 2020. By designing something, organizing the information, making it worth seeing, for people to see it and use it, I want to leave a strong impression in their memory. Whether it’s a bad impression or not, whether it’s disgusting or scary or sad, but I want to impress somehow, not not be remembered.

【Company Profile】


Location: 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Kuwano Building 2F

Representative: Hiroko Yamauchi

Establishment: December 1, 2021


Instagram: @nilsanda_jewelry

Business: Sales of original design jewelry and miscellaneous goods

(Customer service)


Email: Please contact us via the inquiry form. or in**@ni******.com

(Contact for media inquiries regarding this press release)

NIL SANDA Jewelry, Owner Designer Hiroko Yamauchi

Email: Please contact us via the inquiry form. or in**@ni******.com

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