Latest Vietnam Travel Alerts and Warnings

Latest Vietnam Travel Alerts and Warnings

What are the issues affecting Vietnamese tourists? Read the latest travel warnings and alerts.

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Typhoon Danli – November 2, 2017

Tropical Storm Darui is expected to intensify into a Category 1 typhoon before hitting southern Vietnam early on November 4, bringing heavy rain and damaging winds. The threat of flooding and mudslides is greatest from Vietnam’s north-central coast southwards to Vung Tau. The threat would extend to southern Laos and much of Cambodia.

If you are traveling in a disaster area, you should follow all instructions from police, emergency services and officials.

Cyclone Doksuri – September 14, 2017

Late Friday, September 15, 2017, the tropical storm in the South China Sea is expected to intensify into a Category 2 cyclone over the next few days and affect northern Vietnam and Laos.

Cyclone Doksuri is expected to make landfall near the town of Vinh before heading WNW into Laos while weakening. The storm is expected to bring heavy rain to the Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng regions of Laos.

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How to Survive a Typhoon or Hurricane

Remember that typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes are all the same type of weather phenomenon, but have different names depending on where they occur.

The best way to survive a hurricane is to avoid it. Stay away from it, but if you decide to leave, do so early. Don’t wait until the last moment, as you may find yourself without proper shelter.

If you decide to stay and “weather the storm,” it is recommended that you go to an authorized shelter. These locations will be broadcast, or locals will know where they are. If shelter is not available, prepare to “shelter in place” in an interior room without windows.

during the storm

  • Never go outside during a storm. The wind will blow flying debris towards you causing injury or even death.
  • Keep away from windows and doors.
  • Stay alert for more storm warnings. Hurricanes have been known to produce tornadoes, so be prepared to seek cover when a hurricane strikes.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances during a storm.
  • Get away from the phone.
  • Do not light candles or lanterns; they may be blown over and start a fire.
  • When the worst is yet to come, the eye of a storm can make you think the storm is over. Use this calm only for critical repairs in extreme emergencies.
  • Only after the official release of “all releases” can they come out safely.

after the storm

  • Watch out for downed power lines and gas leaks.
  • Keep away from severely damaged areas.
  • Listen to the radio for instructions.

Am I affected by a typhoon or hurricane?

If you buy your policy before a storm or hurricane is declared, you may be able to get coverage. If you’re not sure, please check your policy or call our customer service team.

Coverage may vary depending on where you live and the level of insurance you purchase, but in general, trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage and benefits may help you. You can file a claim if regular transportation services to your destination have been stopped for 24 hours or more (so you can’t get to your destination). Please consult our customer assistance team.

Before you buy travel insurance, check your government travel warnings and health advisories – places with government travel bans or travel-specific health advisories may not be covered by travel insurance.

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