“Lalaport Kadoma” food area, even if you are alone or with your family, you can fill your stomach!”Delicious things” gathered in the official section of the Kuromon Market, the first store in Osaka, etc.-Travel Observation

The gourmet area “Kadoma Umaimon Gai” extends to the entrance on the first floor of LaLaport Kadoma.

On April 17, Mitsui Fudosan opened its first dual-format commercial facility, Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Kadoma and Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Kadoma.

In this article, I will introduce the food area of ​​LaLaport Kadoma.

“Kuromon Market” appeared in the food area “Kadoma Umaimon Gai” on the first floor

The main food area of ​​LaLaport Kadoma is “Kadoma Umaimon-gai”, which is the area after entering the entrance on the first floor. It is an area where restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, fast food, and food supermarkets gather. The actual sales area is about 9,600 square meters.2.

Kuromon Market is the biggest attraction of this Kadoma food district. Located in the southern district of downtown Osaka, also known as “Osaka’s Kitchen”, it is the official gourmet area of ​​the shopping street “Kuromon Ichiba” with a history of about 200 years, and gathers 17 stores. During your stay in Kadoma, you can enjoy the food of Kuromon Market.

For example, in Kuromon Market in Minami Ward, well-known retailers such as the butcher shop “Gyucho” and the fresh fish shop “Kuromon Sanpei” have opened stores where you can buy fresh perishable foods at discounted prices.


“Black Gate Market” is particularly eye-catching in Monzhen Xianmeimen Street


There are 17 stores in total, one of which is located in the Kuromon Market in the Minami District of Osaka.

In addition, “Kamamo Udon Futaba”, a long-established udon restaurant established in 1908, and “Sushidokoro Fukahiro”, the first sushi specialty store developed by “Fukahiro”, a fresh fish wholesaler established in 1903, etc. – established in 1947 A long-established curry shop. Famous restaurants such as “New Darney” centered on the Minami Kuromon Market and “Takoyaki Doraku Wanaka”, a takoyaki restaurant recommended by the Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand, opened. There is also a food court-style eating space in the Kuromon market area, where you can bring the food purchased at each store and enjoy it on the spot.

In addition, there are grocery stores, life center squares, various restaurants, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, cafes, etc. around Kuromon Market. The Kuromon Market and supermarket are great for everyday use, while restaurants are ideal for family dinners. This is a food area that can be used for a variety of purposes, from sourcing everyday ingredients to special occasion meals.

LOGOS CAFE & HIROBA, a new format of LOGOS on the roof floor and sky plaza

There is also a food shop on the roof floor “Sora no Hiroba”. It is a new store “LOGOS CAFE & HIROBA” developed by the outdoor brand “LOGOS”.

Although it is a cafe that mainly serves drinks and desserts, tents, tables and chairs sold by LOGOS are set up in the dining space of the store, allowing you to enjoy drinks and desserts with an outdoor feeling while simulating camping . It has become.

In addition, the LOGOS shop on the third floor also sells outdoor products such as used tents, and LOGOS CAFE & HIROBA is also positioned as a showroom where you can check the practicality of the products. There is also a children’s candy shop on site. A space that not only adults but also children can enjoy.

In addition, we also sell lounge seating and chairs in the multipurpose plaza at Sky Plaza. These items are useful if you want to enjoy drinks and desserts purchased at LOGOS CAFE & HIROBA, or food purchased at the Food Terrace on the 3rd floor.


LOGOS CAFE & HIROBA is a new commercial store developed by the outdoor brand LOGOS, located in the Sky Plaza.

LaLaport Kadoma Gourmet District Store List


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