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“Korea Alice NFT Exhibition” will be jointly held with Gate Web3 in Gangnam, South Korea from August 2nd to 9th | Gate Charity Gala, etc. to accelerate the development of the Korean market

■ About “Korea Alice NFT Exhibition”

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Starting with the digital/real art exhibition of the popular Alice NFT character in the digital art gallery “Gallery K”, “Gate DJ Charity Private Party with Alice” will be held on August 2nd.

We will accelerate the deployment of Alice NFT in the Korean market.

1 Gate DJ Charity Private Party with Alice

“Gate Charity DJ Private Party with Alice” will be held at Digital Art Gallery “Gallery K” from August 2nd.

A high-quality print of the Alice NFT will be given away to 3 people at this charity party inviting creators and community members, including Korean NFT market influencers.

2 Alice NFT Exhibition in Korea

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“Korea Alice NFT Exhibition” will be held at “Gallery K” from August 2nd to 9th.

The first floor showcases 10 carefully selected Alice NFTs in LED frames, and on the basement 1 floor, you can enjoy authentic art of popular characters.

3 Alice × Korea NFT Community AMA

During the “Korea Alice NFT Exhibition”, the Korean NFT community DOKDO DAO and AG CHANNEL jointly held an AMA.

We will promptly provide local information such as “Alice Korea NFT Exhibition” and digital art gallery “Gallery K”.

We will build a bridge connecting the Japanese and Korean NFT markets.

■ About the digital art gallery “Gallery K”

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The digital art gallery “GALLERY-K” has “CULTURE COMPLEX” and “GALLERY” on the first floor, and “GALLERY & CAFE” on the second floor, where you can enjoy various arts.

“GALLERY-K” uses “OFF LOUNGE” as one of the themes of the museum, forgetting daily life and releasing potential interest in art. true self.

“GALLERY-K” is a space where you can experience new culture that you have never seen before, and you can experience new media art such as NFT and media art through various forms of exhibition.

Please enjoy AliceNFT’s art appreciation at “GALLERY-K”.

Welcome to Alice’s world! !

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