“Kita anak Malaysia!” Here Are 5 Fun Ideas For You To Celebrate Merdeka & M’sia Day With Loved Ones!

Independence Day and Malaysia Day have arrived, and our beloved country is celebrating its golden years of 65 years of independence! Quite powerful Wei!

Instead of just watching the national parade on TV or being indifferent to it (“More holidays!), why not celebrate Merdeka and the upcoming Malaysia Day for a change? The good news is, there are lots of fun and easy ways to do this! Here are two of our feelings on how to be happy for our country’s freedom this year!

1. Wear traditional clothes when going out to wander!

Add a patriotic touch to your outfit in place of your usual attire Wear your respective cultural attire! After all, Malaysia is one of the most racially diverse yet harmonious countries in the world, so despite our differences, we should show off how united we are.

2. Take a “True Malaysian Asia” holiday

Uemmerdeka HolidayIqx Azmi Iov4Ljxzdje Unsplash
Limestone Valley, Ipoh

Japan? U.K? Why travel abroad when we have so many gorgeous resorts here? Go hiking in Sungai Lembing, try longhouse accommodation in Borneo, or drive to Pangkor Island for a sunny seaside holiday – the options are endless!Alternatively, you can Support local tourism and our economy!

3. Try cooking/creating your favorite Malaysian food!

Umadka Shrimp

This would be a great time to ask any relatives who like to cook to teach you traditional dishes, or you can search YouTube for tutorials.We promise it will be an eye-opening experience find your favorite food make And appreciate them more deeply – some are legal right to do WeiGreat respect for aunts and uncles!

4. Visit historical sites all over the country and learn about the history of Malaysia

Umadka Museum
Malacca Sultan Palace Museum

if you doze off history High school classes, don’t worry – there are more fun ways to learn about our nation’s heritage!Learn about the heritage of the Malay Sultanate Malacca Sultan Palace Museumand pay tribute to the fallen prisoners of war Sandakan Memorial Park – Learning more about our history and struggles will definitely give us a new perspective on our country.

5. Visit a local market that sells locally made crafts

Emerald Card B2

No matter which one you go to, our nearby markets are always full of interesting local produce for you to buy! From vintage clothing and accessories to handmade soaps and fragrances, it’s a great way to support local businesses and meet like-minded people – it’s important to have a united Malaysian spirit!

If you’re not sure where to shop for bazaars, you can’t go wrong with Publika Shopping Gallery as they are known for hosting themed bazaars that offer a wide variety of handmade crafts and more from local entrepreneurs who locals love to shop for work. 😁 In fact, they recently held an independent-themed fair, free!marketfeaturing a variety of local brands and great local merchandise.

So be sure to check out Publika’s Bazaar for some much-needed retail therapy while supporting local small businesses!

“Nice idea! How else can I celebrate world? ~”

Umadeka K2

this independent! Publica’s Bazaar actually part of UEM Sunrise’s National Month campaign themed ‘Inspiring Malaysia’ that pays Salute to the extraordinary people and communities who continue to inspire Malaysians every day. So patriotic!

UEM Sunrise’s “Inspiring Malaysia” aims to create an inclusive community through a number of initiatives including a vox-pop style video series, music, live art initiatives and limited time offers for future homeowners!

Umedka Kv

Here are more ways to celebrate Independence Day “Inspiring Malaysia”:

a) Discover your inner Malaysian spirit with MY Happy Vibes

this “My Happy Vibes” Video Series Seeing that UEM Sunrise interviewed many Malaysians in their communities to capture Their perceptions and aspirations of the country. Looking forward to candid responses showing that we are more strikingly similar than we thought and a deeper understanding of what would make Malaysia a more harmonious nation, starting with ourselves.

look first “My Happy Vibes” video is here And find out if you can connect!

b) Engage with youth for the future of our country!

Son of Uemmerdeka in Malaysia

What better way to connect and foster a sense of patriotism among young people than through song, were able?that’s why Students in the UEM Sunrise Development Program, Including Johor’s SK Medini and Kuala Lumpur’s SK Kiaramas, joined hands with UEM Sunrise’s Chief Happiness Officer A special rendition of the timeless national anthem “Saya Anak Malaysia x Olele di Kotaraya”!

Check out this heartwarming music mashup here!

c) Express our love for Malaysia through the power of art

Uemmerdeka Merdeka Live Art

Publika Shopping Gallery also hosts a Live Art Painting Initiative and Award-winning local artist Aimman Hafizal, to promote the national identity of Malaysians!Attendees also witnessed the making of Ayman’s “United Honesty” artwork, which embodies Hope and celebration of diversity in Malaysia.

Let’s check out Aimman’s colorful Merdeka creations at Publica!

d) Special National Day promotion worth celebrating!

With Uemmerdeka tea
Apartment Teega

Finally, if you are looking for your dream home, you can Enjoy exclusive offers on UEM Sunrise’s signature and signature properties* This country month!Participate in the UEM Sunrise project Klang Valley, Malaysia Vision Valley (Negeri Sembilan), Southern Region (Iskandar Puteri), etc. Recommended, you will no doubt find the perfect place in no time!

Some limited-time awesome rewards you can enjoy include:

  • legal fees loan
  • loan stamp duty
  • Legal Fees and Expenses for SPAs (Malaysian Public Service Commission) All borne by the developer
  • Additional Independence Day Limited Time Rewards Up to RM6,500*
  • Zero Wait Extra Special One Time Deal Move-in ready property in exclusive award winning property!

*Terms and conditions apply.

These are the developments offered:

  • central area
    • Lift Mont Kiara
    • KAIA Highland Horse
    • AVA resides
  • southern region
    • Bayou Gardens
    • Apartment Teega
    • Dream
  • Forest Heights, Seremban
    • begonia
    • Broadhill
    • Mount Arden

This Merdeka offer ends on September 18, so don’t think about it for too long!click here Get more information.

Want to ignite your patriotic spirit?go to UEM Sunrise website and join their cause for more “Inspiring Malaysia”!

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