Kilimanjaro-killed Singaporean in good condition after returning to campsite: Local travel agency


SINGAPORE: A Singaporean man who died on August 9 of health complications from altitude sickness after attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro appeared to be in good health after returning to camp the previous day, a Tanzanian tour operator said.

Mr. Mathew Jacky Mollel, founder and director of Wild Root Safaris and Adventures, told CNA on Wednesday night (August 16) that Mr. Darrel Phee started feeling unwell on August 8, the day the tour group was expected to depart. Climb to the top.

The climb was originally scheduled to take place from August 3 to August 11.

Mr Moller, whose company’s tour guide led Mr Pang’s tour group, said the Singaporean was forced to return to the campsite accompanied by a guide and returned “as measured and in good condition”. He can have dinner too.

But Morrell said a tour guide found Mr Fay in the bathroom around 6 a.m.

Singapore-based travel agency Adventures Unlimited posted on Facebook in the early hours of August 12, saying it was “sad news of a tragedy during the Kilimanjaro trek”.

“One of our team members, Mr Darrell Fay, lost his life during the expedition,” it added. The man is 28 years old this year.

Mr. Peng’s “readings and symptoms remained normal for several days during the hike,” the post said.

“However, on the morning of the summit, his oxygen levels dropped and his heart rate increased.”

It was then decided that he would not climb the mountain and returned to camp with a guide according to safety regulations. At the campsite, Mr Phee was closely monitored, Adventures Unlimited reported.


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