Kikuyo and JAL team up to host a seminar on hospitality in Taiwan.Advice Taiwanese “Huh?” Don’t be angry TSMC’s Kumamoto factory is under construction-Travel Observation

Held a seminar on Taiwanese culture in Kikuyo-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture. The lecturer is “JAL Furusato Ambassador GLOBAL” Mr. Chang Enyu (Jade)

On June 29, the town of Kikuyo in central Kumamoto prefecture held a training session for town government officials to learn about Taiwanese culture and hospitality from JAL flight attendants.

JASM (Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing), a subsidiary of Taiwan’s major semiconductor manufacturer TSMC (TSMC), is currently building a new factory in Kikuyo Town, and the number of out-of-town personnel is expected to increase in the future.


The Kumamoto plant is under construction and is scheduled to start production at the end of 2024

The training was held in the morning and afternoon, and more than 150 people from various departments participated in the training. The 90-minute training session was conducted in Japanese based on materials prepared by Mr. Chen. He first introduced basic information such as Taiwan’s area and population, and explained the history from ancient times to the Japanese colonial period, as well as the current process. The climate is hotter and more humid than in Japan, and when a typhoon is expected to make landfall, the government issues “typhoon holidays” and businesses and schools are closed. Typical examples of public holidays include the Long Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) from January 20 to January 29, and the Ching Ming Festival from April 4 to April 5, when we visit graves and reunite with family members. I told you.

The language used is Chinese, which is characterized by the use of traditional characters with many strokes when writing, but most people can understand simplified characters. However, he explained that the pronunciation and meaning of some Chinese characters are unique to Taiwan, such as potatoes, which are called “potatoes” in China and “potatoes” in Taiwan.

As for the unique food menu in Taiwan, although there are many foods familiar to Japanese people, such as meat arhat, there are also various menus that you want to challenge, such as stinky tofu and bamboo water soup.

There are also many tourists from Taiwan to Japan, and about 30% of them are destined for Japan. Many people like sushi and sashimi, but there are also some people in Taiwan who don’t eat raw fish. In addition, Taiwan does not have the habit of eating horse meat dishes, such as Kumamoto’s famous horse meat, so pay attention to this as well. In addition, since there are no “uncles” in Taiwan, it is best to tell them in advance that there is a fee.

In terms of communication, I first explained the temperament of Taiwanese. While each has its own personality, the key words are “generosity,” “lenient time,” “performance orientation,” “family first,” and “value for money.” The attendees laughed when I introduced a funny episode, many of whom had changed their real names to coincide with a discount at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant known locally as Salmon Mess because they were so focused on Value for money. By the way, in Taiwan, you can change your real name up to 3 times.

If you can’t understand Japanese when replying, it’s better to use Chinese characters or plain English, and it’s important to check that you understand it, don’t trust the “hai” that Taiwanese use too much.Also, the “haa?” that Taiwanese often use may make Japanese people uncomfortable, but in Japanese, they ask “eh?” and “hai?” I suggest him


Many town cadres attended the lectures and took notes actively.

Komaki Hiroaki, deputy mayor of Kumamoto City, also participated in this training. The purpose of this training is to let the town officials take the initiative to take actions and give full play to the role of receiving tourists. This is a very good training. Valuable experience. I just feel the need to create opportunities for the townspeople in the future. “He said.

When I talked to other staff, they said, “I think he has a nice personality, and he’s very loose with his time. I feel that if I try to convey that, Taiwanese people will understand, so I want to take the initiative to communicate with them.” He went out of his way to tell me he could do it, so I figured I could do more research myself.”

Mr. Chen, who is the lecturer this time, is a member of “JAL Furusato Ambassador GLOBAL”, an organization established to attract inbound tourists to various parts of Japan and to spread the charm of the region to the rest of the world. world. When asked about his impressions, he said: “I was nervous at first, but I am grateful that interesting Taiwanese dramas such as “Salmon Chaos” have received a good response.” He seemed relieved.


Ms. Zhang Wanyu said that in order to serve as a lecturer this time, she asked her parents and local friends about the current Taiwan.nickname is jade

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