Jonathan Haggerty says he switched to bantamweight to take over: ‘I’m getting there’

Jonathan Haggerty says he switched to bantamweight to take over: ‘I’m getting there’

Jonathan Haggerty is here not just to participate, but to participate. He is here to rule. The former ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion made a bold decision last year to challenge himself in a higher weight class, and it paid off hugely.

His deliberate risks led to extraordinary performances that shocked the combat sports world. Things took a stunning turn when Haggerty defeated the mighty Nong-O Hama at ONE Fight Night 9 in April, securing his place as two-division ONE World Champion.

Nicknamed “The General,” Hagerty displayed size, speed and strength at 145 pounds, from his decisive victory over the Thai champion in less than one round. It can be seen.

Now that Haggerty has firmly established himself as the dominant Muay Thai bantamweight, he has set his sights on a new challenge – conquering a different sport. The task brought him into a clash with ONE Bantamweight Champion Fabricio Andrade at ONE Fight Night 15.

The title match, taking place on October 6, will determine the rightful holder of the vacant ONE bantamweight kickboxing throne.

Speaking to ONE Champions ahead of the greatest fight of his life, Haggerty spoke about his desire to be the best bantamweight in the world in all of combat sports:

“I came to bantamweight to take over the fight, and I think it’s fair to say I’m about to get there.”

Haggerty’s rising star power is undeniable, as his seamless transition to the new weight class is a testament to his skill and determination. The added muscle and weight haven’t hindered his agility and speed, as he proved in his matchup with Vladimir Kuzmin last year.

His awesome strength in his natural weight class was on full display as he quickly destroyed the previously unrivaled Nong-O.

ONE Fight Night 15 will be held at the Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok. The entire event will be broadcast live for free to Prime Video subscribers in North America during prime time in the United States.

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