Jointly hold “Happiness Week” with companies participating in “Happiness Action” to make society happy!


■ What is the “Happiness Project”?

In 2021, Nikkei and Earth Welfare will collaborate with voluntary companies, experts and organizations to design a better society. This is a coalition of businesses formed to make the new index a social agenda for the coming era. In addition to making recommendations and implications in Japan, we are conducting survey design and data collection with the aim of creating a “new international standard for subjective well-being” originating in Japan. Also, as one of our activities, we are looking at how we can act to benefit society.

List of ExhibitorsList of Exhibitors

■ Event example

[Online Event]Happiness Lecture “Thinking about Happiness on World Happiness Day”

This is a talk session by Mr. Yoshiki Ishikawa, the representative director of “Earth Welfare”. Mr. Sho Takano is researching the relationship between happiness and local communities at Fukui Prefectural University, while using the knowledge gained from his work on Gross National Happiness (GNH) in Bhutan, he is working to create an exciting future world for Bhutan . We will explore the nature of happiness with various guest speakers, including Ms. Emi Matsuda of “Awaji Laboratory” for job creation and human resources, and Ms. Yuzuki Yamauchi representing “S High School”, posterity.

Date: March 20 (Monday) 14:00-15:30
Participation URL:

Yoshiki Ishikawa, Representative Director of Yoshiki Ishikawa, Representative Director of “Well-being for Planet Earth”

Sho Takano, Associate Professor, Fukui Prefectural UniversitySho Takano, Associate Professor, Fukui Prefectural University

Awaji Research Institute Megumi MatsudaAwaji Research Institute Megumi Matsuda

Teacher Yuzuki Yamauchi from S High SchoolTeacher Yuzuki Yamauchi from S High School

(Online Event) Mindfulness Practice Workshop Presented by MS & AD InterRisk Research & Consulting

Mindfulness is thought to have many benefits, such as resting a brain that is overwhelmed by information overload, improving focus and judgment, making it easier to accept yourself and develop positive relationships with those around you. Psychiatrist and Zen monk Yasushi Kono will speak on these influences and methods of practice. Additionally, we will have a conversation with Mitsumi Nakamura, President and CEO of MS&AD InterRisk Research Institute Co., Ltd., about the impact of mindfulness, self-acceptance, gratitude, and love.

Date: March 20 (Monday) 16:00-17:00
Participation URL:

Mr. Yasushi KawanoMr. Yasushi Kawano

(Online Event) Zen Eating presented by MARUI GROUP

Practice “eating meditation” to refocus on “eating”. Treating your daily meal as a meditation can help you feel more energized, focused, and creative in the afternoon. Plus, if you heighten your five senses and take one bite at a time, an ordinary bite becomes the best treat and your brain and mood change. This seminar is ideal for business people who want to make the most of their lunch break.
*Please bring your own lunch

Date: March 20 (Monday) 12:00-12:40
Participation URL:

Zen Eating on behalf of Ms. MomoeZen Eating on behalf of Ms. Momoe

(Video) Financial Health Video Presented by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank

For those who feel “I’m interested in asset building but it seems difficult” and “I don’t know where to start”, we will present a video at the Yurakucho Marui event that teaches the concept and specific techniques of asset building space. . Want to live to the age of 100, want to gain money knowledge? A gift to the future through asset formation.

Dates: Sunday, March 19 to Friday, March 24
Venue: Yurakucho Marui 5F event space

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(Experiential event) Parasports boccia experience that everyone can enjoy by EY Japan

You can experience boccia with EY Japan boccia player Kaede Matsunaga and other para-def players. The great appeal of boccia is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly, as well as people with disabilities. By touching the experience of disabled sports, you can feel a connection with well-being. This event is open to everyone and no registration is required.

Date: March 21st (Tuesday) and 22nd (Tuesday) 11:00-18:00
Venue: Yurakucho Marui 3F Space Zero One/5F Event Space

Matsunaga KaedeMatsunaga Kaede

(Experiential event) Smile donation from Persol Holdings

We’ll set up a smile meter and make donations based on your smile. The smile meter divides the “smile level” into three stages: large, medium and small, and displays the corresponding effects. This time, “smile” is visualized as points, and PERSOL HOLDINGS will donate 10 yen per point to organizations that contribute to the creation of “job happiness.” It is an initiative to transform smiles into social strength, symbolizing Persol Holdings’ group vision of ‘Work and Laughter’.

Time: March 18 (Monday) to March 24 (Friday)
Location: Yurakucho Marui 1F Main Entrance

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[Experiential Activities]Vitality and Health Project Experience Launched by Sumitomo Life

You can experience “Sumitomo Vitality,” a Sumitomo life and health promotion activity program aimed at contributing to the well-being of customers and society. We will provide you with a detailed body composition measurement report for free, so that you can understand your health status. In addition, if you are already a member of “Sumitomo Life Vitality”, during the “Actively Challenging Health Super Week” from March 20th (Monday) to March 26th (Sunday), you can earn by achieving weekly goals Starbucks tickets”. “It will be held!

Date and time: March 20 (month) to March 22 (water)
Venue: Yurakucho Marui 5F event space

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(Experiential activity) MS & AD Interrisk Research Institute smart bath mat experience

You can experience the “smart bath mat” that was hotly discussed on the TV show “Step on it after taking a shower to control your weight”. The “smart bath mat” can be easily managed from a smartphone without having to connect to Bluetooth every time. It also has the ability to share data and trigger communications between family members.

Date: March 18 (Sat) – March 24 (Fri)
Venue: Yurakucho Marui 5F event space

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[VR Exhibition]”Metapa®” Presented by Toppan Printing

“Metapark®” has a special “One Week of Happiness” booth.
“Metapa®” is a Metaverse app that anyone can easily experience on their smartphones anytime, anywhere. This time, we opened a special booth of “One Week of Happiness” at “Metapark®” where virtual shops gather in one space. You can operate your own avatar, browse the activity reports of companies participating in the Xiaokang Project, and interact with other participants in real time.

▼Download and enter “Metapark®”¶m=hIy0pluaLiTecg74hdVz6A==

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In addition, during the event period, the efforts of companies participating in the “Welfare Initiative” will be exhibited in the space next to the escalator on the 6th floor of Yurakucho Marui.

▼Yurakucho Marui


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