Jeannie Mai-Jenkins and Jeezy visited Vietnam and here’s what they did

Tell us about your itinerary – what parts of Vietnam did you visit and how did you choose where to go?

First, I found a travel agency that really fit my wishes. I especially want to support as many women-founded companies as possible and stay in hotels that support sustainability or are in some way unique to the area.

I work for a women-owned travel agency called Your Travel Nation, which made all my dreams come true on this trip. From fishing with the locals to picking herbs and cooking with a local Vietnamese family.

From the south to the north of Vietnam, I didn’t hesitate, because it was also the first time I saw Vietnam in this way. I have only been to Saigon. So I took my husband from Saigon to Phu An, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ninh Binh, Hanoi, An Tu and Halong Bay. Eight regions in three weeks. My itinerary was so epic that the travel agency is now offering my exact travel plans for anyone interested in (replicating) our adventure.

Can you share three particularly memorable moments from this trip?

One of my favorite memories is riding with my husband on what if (Scooter) Head to the best street food destinations at night.I believe the only way to see Saigon is by what if.

My second favorite memory is (staying at) Zannier Bai Sản Hồ Hotel. This is hands down my favorite hotel I’ve ever been to and I travel a lot. I have never seen a hotel so committed to protecting the environment in which it is located. From the staff to the handmade furniture and Vietnamese handicrafts that adorn the hotel, every detail respects the land and its people. This is a must visit place.

My third favorite memory is climbing to the top of Yen Tu. In this mountain, there is an indescribable aura. As it is the founding shrine of Vietnamese Buddhism, you will experience a sense of humility and reflection from the moment you arrive. I had some crazy dreams and moments about myself, and I’m still processing the experience of that visit. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

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