Japan’s passport strength slips to third place, Singapore takes top spot


In this photo taken on January 21, 2020, a Japanese passport can be seen. (daily news)

WASHINGTON (Kyodo News Agency) – Japanese passports fell from first to third place in terms of the number of places their holders can enter visa-free, with Singapore holding on to the top spot, according to a survey recently released by a consulting firm.

Japan has been considered the most powerful passport since 2018, but its holders now have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 189 locations, while Singaporean passport holders can visit 192 destinations visa-free.

Japan is tied for third with six other countries, including South Korea and France, according to a passport power ranking released Tuesday by Henley Partners Holdings Ltd.

Germany, Italy and Spain tied for second, with passports allowing visa-free travel to 190 countries. Afghanistan finished last with 27 places.

While the consultancy says there is more freedom to travel, it also acknowledges that there is a growing gap between passports that allow visa-free travel and those that don’t.

The ranking is based on independent research data from IATA and Henley & Partners, covering 199 passport types and their ability to qualify for visa-free or visa-on-arrival status in 227 destinations.


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