Japan’s English teacher highlights school rules that would ‘put Americans into a coma’

Japan’s English teacher highlights school rules that would ‘put Americans into a coma’


An English teacher living in Japan highlighted how education is taught differently in Japanese schools compared to American high schools.

American TikTok creator Hito Bito (@hito.bito) offers a glimpse of the rules Japanese schoolchildren must abide by in a Jan. 24 video titled “My Japanese School Thing Might Put Americans in a Coma.”

According to TikToker, Japanese schools make it mandatory for students to switch from outdoor shoes to indoor shoes as soon as they start school.

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“We had to switch from outdoor shoes to indoor shoes as soon as we entered school,” she noted. “No, I’ve never seen any love letters or confessions in the shoe closet.”

She also shared that the school prioritizes cleanliness and accountability because “the kids clean the school from top to bottom every day.”

Japanese students are also responsible for preparing their own lunch and cleaning trays, emphasizing self-sufficiency and independence.

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She also noted that there was no heating or cooling in the corridors, which is why she was forced to “walk around with her coat on”.

Hito Bito considers the school’s dress code to be the “most insane part” of the rules, as “girls either have to grow their hair above the shoulders or tie it up in a low pony. Absolutely no hair dyed, so no anime protagonists .”

Piercing and make-up are also banned, although Hito Bito admits she doesn’t follow the rules.

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As of this writing, the video has been viewed nearly 15 million times, attracting thousands of comments from users fascinated by the rules.

“I love that they clean the school,” wrote one user. “It gives kids a sense of community while encouraging them not to leave a mess for others.”

“If only my school was this clean,” chimed in another. “I often slipped and fell because the floor was covered with melted snow.”

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“Honestly, I’d like to go to a school in Japan, it looks so much better than American schools for a number of reasons,” said one user.

“I love your content!” a commenter shared. “I went to elementary school in Japan, and it makes me very nostalgic.”

Hito Bito’s regular series “A Day in the Life of a Japanese English Teacher” is one of the channel’s most popular posts, with each episode receiving millions of views.

Her TikTok channel has over 453,000 followers at the time of writing, and her videos have racked up more than 17.2 million likes so far.

The rules imposed by Japanese schools have made headlines in the past for being very strict.

In 2017, an 18-year-old Japanese woman filed a lawsuit against the Osaka prefectural government after a school forced her to dye her naturally brown hair black.

Meanwhile, a private high school faced backlash in 2019 after students were forced to kneel and bow to teachers during rallies.

In 2018, a Japanese school also sparked outrage for developing a code of conduct that many believed would be difficult even for adults to follow.

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