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A key partner in Guam’s continued tourism recovery will be urging more Japanese to visit the island.

This commitment was shared with local government officials during the visit by the Japan Association of Travel Agents, which chose Guam as the host for a board meeting attended by at least 17 members.

A reception to welcome the group was held on Saturday, hosted by the Guam Tourism Board and attended by the Japan Guam Tourism Association, governors, island mayors and the Guam International Airport Authority.

The campaign is designed to help those involved find ways to increase outbound tourism from Japan to Guam, officials said.

“We are grateful to the Guam Tourism Authority, which organized the event, for inviting the Guam International Airport Authority to participate in this…historic meeting with JATA in Guam for a board meeting. I don’t think it’s done, ever. GIAA Deputy Director Rui Ricky Hernandez said: “It’s a really big deal. “

Guam’s airport has yet to see a return to pre-pandemic levels of inbound passengers from Japan. Currently, the Japanese market has recovered only 7% to 10%, according to the agency.

“For the airport, we’re excited about the opportunity to host more Japanese tourists post-pandemic. We understand that this is a meeting of the big travel agencies in and around Japan,” Hernandez said. “That could increase arrivals as well as airport activity. So we’re looking forward to that.”

The meeting helped keep local officials abreast of the latest policy changes from the Japanese government on travel, he said.

“Japan has announced some decisions … about lowering their public health-related status category. So that will open the door to international travel. At least in terms of those travel agencies and those who are trying to get Japanese tourists to start traveling again That’s it,” Hernandez said.

He said travel agencies are considering stepping up their marketing efforts to promote travel to Guam.

“In talking to some travel agency leaders, … they are looking forward to increasing and selling Guam packages. So of course that means more flights from different Japanese airlines,” he said. “It’s great that we’re on hand to talk to some of the travel agents, because it helps us plan ahead. … We (will) work with our regulators and the tenants and service providers at the airport to plan when we do Deal with that influx when it happens.”

The Guam Daily Post contacted GVB for more information on the JATA board meeting, which reportedly concluded earlier this week. However, as of press time on Tuesday, there had been no responses to questions.

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